1966 Corvette Air Cleaner Sun Spot

There have been a lot of discussions on various Corvette forums about Second Generation Corvette hood paint being damaged by the heat of sun, as focused by the shiny air cleaner. Below is an example of how this could happen. I have always been skeptical about the possibility but have recently seen pictures of darker colored Corvettes posted that indicate that sun damage of this type is possible. I personally took the pictures below at a Corvette show in Noblesville, Indiana on August 4, 2012. The sun is very focused, particularly by the concave area around the air cleaner wing nut hold down, but no damage is apparent, possibly because the lighter color does not absorb heat as much as a darker color.

Update – the same car was there in Aug, 2013 also, in the same place on a sunny day, again no damage. I have yet to find the owner, I sure would like to know how often he does this:



2015 Update – Same show location August 2015, very bright, hot day. 1967 with black inside hood paint and darker exterior color. Still no damage the several times I checked. It is interesting that the reflections are not as focused as the yellow ’65.


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  1. Bill says:

    I was judging at a Corvette show in Gaithersburg, Md about 15 years ago and one of the mid-year vett, a white one, had a blistered diagonal stripe the entire length of his hood that came from the sun. The guy told me it had happened at a previous show about a month after getting his car painted. Obviously he was sick about it, it was the only thing I found wrong with his car.
    Last summer I thought it happened to my red 61, the paint actually looked a little darker and was really hot but it disappeared .

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