Corvette C5 Racing History
David Palmeter

This documents the history of the first C5-R that was NEVER raced by the factory. (C5R-012 was the other one, for a totally different reason.)

2001 – Under Construction and Looking for a Home

There was an agreement in mid-2001 for Atomic Kitten Racing (!!) to buy two C5-R race cars (most likely C5R-006 and C5R-007, although C5R-008 was also a possibility). The deal was later cancelled. (Atomic Kitten was an all-girl British rock group.)

Above – Pratt & Miller – September 14, 2001 – Chassis Numbers C5R-006 (background) and C5R-007 under construction

Above  – C5R-007 was completed November 12, 2001. C5R-007 finally found a home as it became the first C5-R to be raced by a Team other than the factory:

2003 Racing Season – The First in Europe

From dailysportscar.com: “Joost Custers brings us this exclusive, straight from Belcar team owner Patrick Selleslagh.
Selleslagh has bought Pratt & Miller Corvette chassis #7, which was lined up to be a spare car for Corvette Racing: it was purchased after long discussions and with the support of Sara Lee, the Belgian’s sponsor. It looks superb, doesn’t it?

The car was finished on the 15th of January, 2003, and tested by Freon, O’Connell and Fellows in the USA, with the new owner driving it on the same day.
The car has been ‘updated’ to Belcar rules, so no carbon brakes, smaller restrictors… and it will start the season with a manual gearbox. Patrick Selleslagh hopes to develop the car during the season, probably by changing to a sequential gearbox. As it stands now, the Corvette delivers 600 bhp and 800 nm of torque from 2000 revs / min and is mainly set up in endurance (Le Mans) trim. This will, of course, be a huge advantage at Zolder, for the 24 Hours.”

Above  – 2003 – C5R-007 in the SRT Racing colors during the first year in Belcar.

2004 Racing Season – The Second in Europe

Above  – 2004-08-01 – C5R-007 at Spa FIA GT 24hr – Qual 6th – DNF 28th out of 43

2005 Racing Season – The Third in Europe

Above  – 2005-03-27 – C5R-007 at Zolder, first factory-built private-entry Corvette win in Europe.

Above  – 2005-03-27 – C5R-007 another shot at Zolder.

Above  – 2005-07-28 – C5R-007 at Spa Preview Parade for the FIA GT 24 hour

Above  – 2005-10-23 – C5R-007 clinching the 2005 Belcar GT, GTA and driver’s title (Gossens).

2006 Racing Season – The Fourth in Europe

Above  – 2006-04-30 – C5R-007 in new SRT colors running this season for the entire French FFSA-GT championship. Behind is C5R-005 from SRT.

2007 Racing Season – The Fifth in Europe

Above  – 2007-05-06 – Silverstone – C5R-007 finally in the same Belgian Racing Yellow used, for some reason, by the USA Corvette Racing Team since the year 2000.

Above  – 2007-05-06 – Silverstone – C5R-007 ran in the FIA GT “Citation Cup”, whatever that is.

Above  – 2007-05-06 – Silverstone – First win.

Above  – 2007-05-06 – Silverstone

Above  – 2007-05-21 – Bucharest, the second win

Above  – 2007-06-24 – Monza, the third win

Above  – 2007-07-29 – Spa 24 Hour – A very visible paint scheme (but it didn’t save Champ Car)!

Above  – 2007-07-29 – Spa 24 Hour

Above  – 2007-07-29 – Spa 24 Hour – A credible 10th place finish. One of four Corvettes in the top ten, including the winning Carsport Holland C6.R.

2008 Racing Season – The Sixth in Europe

2008-02-22 – More from Planetlemans.com:
Patrick Selleslagh, “Regarding the old C5 (007), we’ll see this car back in the hands of AT Racing in the FIA GT Citation Cup.”

2008-02-25 – And this very nice note directly from SRT:

—– Original Message —– 

From: Selleslaghracing 
To: David & Judy Palmeter 
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 4:39 AM
Re: Corvette Chassis Numbers

Dear David,

Corvette C5R, chassis 007 is sold to AT Racing in Austria and will be running by Renauer Motorsport Austria
Corvette C5R, chassis 005 is still in our workshop for sale.
We bought a new Corvette C6R, chassis 006, this will be running in FIA GT and FFSA ( French Championship). In FFSA the drivers are Ayari Soheil and Bruno Hernandez.

FIA GT (drivers) will be announced next week.

Maryse Lesire
Selleslagh Racing Team

2008-02-27 – From the FIA GT web site – AT-Racing

Belarus-born businessman Alexander Talkanitsa, who lives in Austria, has founded a new Austrian racing company,AT-Racing Gmbh in Vienna. He has bought the former SRT-Selleslagh Corvette C5R (007), and together with his team-mate, German Wolfgang Kaufmann and the support from Renauer Motorsport, Alexander will start his first international season in the 2008 Citation Cup, running as part of the GT1 category of the FIA GT Championship.

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