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David Palmeter


Corvettes are a great car and a great hobby! I like their history, I like their future and I like their right now. Since this web site is my hobby, you can enjoy this history of Corvette racing without banners, ads or pop-ups. There is a lot of info on some pages and very little on others – stories yet to be told. Enjoy!!

C1 Racing 

1953 to 1957  The rich history of Corvette racing started early. You might be amazed to see how early the owners took to the track!

1957 The 1957 Sebring Mystery car.

1959 Number 614 – a famous California racer

1959  The Purple People Eater

1959  The Stingray

1960 A picture of the #1, #2 and #3 Le Mans cars and several pages of detail shots of the restored #2 and #3 cars along with other pictures “back when”.

1962 Was a Corvette entered in the 1962 Le Mans race?

C2 Racing 

1963 Grand Sport Index – the first purpose-built factory Corvette GT

1963 Grand Sport 002

1963 Number 614 again – another famous California racer

C3 Racing 

1969 and 1970 An incredible story!

C4 Racing 

1983 to 1996 Finally!

C5 Racing 

1999 to 2004 I started this section from the first day of C5 Racing. It is very complete.

C6 Racing 

2005 to 2013 My interest waned in the C6 era. Intense in the early years, faded toward the end.

C7 Racing

2014 to 2020(?)   Still adding info occasionally, mostly chassis number related

July 25, 2014 – IMSA Race Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Yep, that’s me!


Car #4:


Car # 3:


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8 Responses to CRHistoryW10P0

  1. Perplex says:

    Great content. I Hope this Site will stay Alive. Kind Regards from Germany

  2. Todd Haugen says:


    Thanks for keeping this site active.

    I own a 1957 Corvette that was raced extensively 1957-67. I knew the original owner, so much of that period of the car’s history is known to me. The second owner was deceased when I bought the car in Los Angeles in 2012, so I couldn’t talk to him. I did get the 7 trophies he won with the car 1964-67, and I now have 45 trophies from the original owner, who is now unfortunately also deceased. So all 52 trophies are with the car. It is unrestored, and has it’s original fuel injected engine. I also have several pictures that I will gladly share with you if you want.

    • David says:

      Hi Todd,
      Glad you find the site useful. Sounds like your 1957 Corvette has an interesting and well documented history, I would be very interested in the Serial Number and some pictures. I appreciate the offer.

  3. Romu J says:

    Hi mate. Congrats for your pages about C5R/C6R , it's very complete. If your are interested , i've + – 15.000 pictures of c5r/c6r/c6r gt2 so if you need a precise pic you need , i'm here 😉


  4. Dave says:

    Hi David
    I am glad you are keeping the site in the air.
    This is the only true source of information regarding the impressive race results of the Corvettes!
    Regards, Dave

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