David and Judy's Senior Moment

2001 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe - National Corvette Museum Delivery 6-spd, Z51, the Big Package, Other Shameful Luxo Stuff and Factory Warranteed Floor Mats
Ordered from Kelley Chevrolet in Fort Wayne, Indiana The Event Codes -- Chronology of the order in the GM order system
The Specifications -- Exactly what Shameful Luxo Stuff did we order?
The Build - We were THERE!!!  -- A trip to the Corvette Assembly Plant to see OUR car built
The Delivery - We were THERE AGAIN!!!  -- A very special event at the National Corvette Museum
The Trip Home - We got back HERE!  -- A new Corvette in our garage - Bowling Green KY to Fort Wayne IN 
  License Plate Fun  -- Creativity!? 
Activities -- Now its here - what next? 2001
Activities -- The second year - now what? 2002
Activities -- The year - gooder and gooder! 2003
Activities -- And even more in 2004
Activities -- Still kickin' and alive in 2005
Activities -- A few more tricks in 2006
Activities -- Moved to Auto Heaven in 2007
Activities -- Still great in 2008
Activities -- Doin' fine in 2009
Activities -- Off again in 2010
Activities -- Ten Years of heaven in 2011
Activities -- Nothing rhymes with 2012
Activities -- Nor with 2013
Activities -- Sporteen in 2014
Activities -- Super Keen in 2015
Activities -- Big Anniversary in 2016
Modifications -- Let's change something 
  Artifacts -- It's not just a car - it's a reason to COLLECT STUFF! 

 Above - In our driveway April 18, 2001. Second day home!
 Above - Such a practical car. The rear hatch lifts to reveal a huge trunk. (photo from the October, 2001 color tour to New England.)

 Above - For that convertible feeling, the roof panel over the seats is removable. (Photo taken April 17, 2001 during the Museum Delivery.) Red interior, white car and the guy in the background is wearing a blue shirt. Patriotism has always been fashionable. Click here to get more of the story on why White with a Red interior?  
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