Palmeter History

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Taken at the home of Garrett Perrine Sullivan about 1913 or 1914 (G. P. Sullivan died in late 1914)

3rd row: On left end the woman in the dark coat w/hand on hip – Mattie Sullivan Palmeter, girl next to her – Clara Frances Palmeter – next to her is Mary Annie Palmeter

2nd row: On left end the gentleman behind D. B. Palmeter – Frank David Palmeter (4th from end in top photo)

2nd row: On right end older, bearded man – Garrett Perrine Sullivan – man with book Unknown Probably Sullivan

Front Row: On the left end 3, 4, 5 from the end – George W. Palmeter, Charles W. Palmeter, David Batson Palmeter

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20170901_0001c2_Labels-1.jpgAbove – Closeup of left end of top photo

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20170901_0001c3_Labels.jpg
Above – Closeup of right end of top photo

Personal stories from David Batson Palmeter concerning his father Frank David Palmeter

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