Penske Camaros

By: David Palmeter 

Penske Trans Am Camaro – Mid-Ohio 1968

I was there but didn’t shoot this picture:

1968CamaroMID OHIO 1968 3w

Penske Trans Am Camaro – Mid-Ohio 1969

I was there and shot these:


Above – Note the brake cooling holes in the door latch pillar  and the stock upholstery panels – Sorry about the quality, it is a digital scan of a 35 mm shot of a projected Super 8 movie


Above – Winner Ronnie Bucknam


Above – Saturday practice – the front spoiler has not yet been painted red

Above – Donohue out of gas after a “fuel mileage test”. The tow vehicle is a factory show Scout 80 – the George Barris “Python”.


Click here to see the model I built of the Camaro.

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  1. David,

    Love the photo with the Scout in it. I shared it on the Facebook page I administer that is dedicated to these original 4×4’s.

    Barris’ fabled Python Scout is pretty rare. I’ve only found a couple photos and very little info about it. Would you happen to have any other photos of it or info about its involvement in the Penske team bag in the day?



    • David says:

      Hi Chris,

      Glad you enjoyed the picture. I worked at IH when the Python was built. The Course Marshall at that Mid-Ohio Trans-Am race in ’69 was a Scout engineer at IH (note the IH Engineering sticker on the vent window). He was able to borrow the Scout for Course Marshall duties.Will email more info.


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