Kalamazoo 4-4-0

The pride of the Frankfort Terminal Railroad fleet is this restored and detailed Kalamazoo 4-4-0:

2013-12-28 17.06.00 IMG_0195w

The engine was purchased from an online auction; it arrived with problems:

Locomotive Mine HdLt Off 2011-02-08 012 w

 User comments User comments User commentsAbove – 2011-02-08 -As soon as I opened the box, I noticed that the headlight was off. I missed the fact that the smokebox was partially broken away from the boiler.

Locomotive Mine Boiler Broke 2011-02-08 017 w

Above – When I took it out of the box, the smokebox separation was more apparent.

Locomotive Out Of Quarter Mine 2011-02-08 008 w

Above and Below – When I did the first test run, the locomotive had a very jerky motion. A closer look at the drivers showed that they were out of quarter; that is the attachment points for the side rod was not properly lined up.

Locomotive Mine Bottom w

Locomotive Mine Rt Out Of Quarter 2011-02-08 011 w

Above – With the connecting rod detached from the front driver, the out-of-quarter condition between the drivers is more apparent.

At this point it was apparent that the locomotive was not useable as received, so I contacted the seller to decide next moves. I had purchased it with the idea that it would be restored and detailed so I really didn’t want to send it back. The seller agreed to refund half of the price and also suggested that I contact the post office since some of the damage was inflicted during shipping. After some back and forth with the USPS and some months of waiting, I got back most of my remaining investment so the locomotive ending up only costing me a few dollars and some hassle time.

Then the assessment and disassembly began –

Locomotive Mine Ft Truck 2011-02-08 010 w Tender Mine Bottom 2011-07-27 082w

Above Pictures – 2015-07-27 – Research indicated that keeping the highly articulated 4-wheel lead truck on the track could be a problem, plus, plastic wheels leave a residue on the rails, particular outdoors on a hot summer day. The tender also had plastic wheels so the search began for small metal wheels. For the tender, I ended up using Bachmann 92422 Wheel Sets which are 24.5 mm, larger than the originals but much better looking. I don’t remember where I got the engine lead truck wheels but they provide significant weight to the truck and it does track well.

I was pleased to see openings for a sound system speaker in the tender floor.

Locomotive Mine Broke Boiler 2011-08-06 029 w

Above – 2011-08-06

Above – 2013-03-23 – Disassembly complete

Above – 2013-03-26 – Rewiring begins

Above – 2013-04-13 – The tender is the control and sound center. The speaker and control panel are installed.

Above – 2013-04-30 – The volume control for the sound system has a 1/8″ shaft, where can I find a knob? How about an unused slot car bevel gear? Yep, works fine! The switches are for changing from track power to direct battery power or radio controlled battery power.



Above Pix – I am pleased with  the result.

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