This AMT kit was built sometime back ‘in the day’, about ’61 or ’62. This old sled really appeals to me for some reason, even though you seldom see one customized in real life. When it was originally built, I never mounted the skirts because I apparently ruined one and must have pitched it so for years I displayed the Merc without skirt(s). But when I ran across the remaining skirt in May, 2014, I thought it looked so good that I put it on. Now I can display it either way.  It appears that some kind of trim should have fit in the small recess at the top front of the skirt, a horizontal antenna mounted there maybe?!?!





1961 Mercury Monterey Convertible Custom Model — 2 Comments

  1. When I returned from Germany, I ordered a 1961 Mercury Monterey Convertible, fully loaded plus Kelsey Hays Wire Wheels, white with red and white interior. Had to sell it when ordered to Korea. Regretted it. I now have a 61` Convertible, turquoise with White top.

    Spend 5 years restoring back to better than original. Would like to have a model of it but have never located one that was original.

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