Above – I was very fortunate to own a 1963 Ferrari 250GT/E (S/N 250GTE4959). We enjoyed the V-12 sound of our Ferrari from January 24, 1981 when it was purchased from Al Young at Dan Young Chevrolet in Indianapolis to October 20, 1995 when it was shipped to Alan Holmes at The Fine Car Store in San Diego. Our 14-year-old daughter learned to drive in this car. She has never met anyone else that took driver’s ed in a V-12 Ferrari!

Above – A plastic kit or diecast of the 250GT/E has never been made in 1:24 scale but eventually Air Trax Resin from Finland, (Juha Airio, Tapani Rauramo & Petteri Nyholm) produced a transkit. I was very fortunate that Juha Airio, a master modeler, personally produced my specific kit!

Above – This is a completed kit by another modeler. Although 4959 was in silver repaint when I owned it, originally it was this dark gray color when it left the factory. To me, this is a better color and I may do this rather than silver. Don’t know….