This is, without a doubt, one of the most radical custom jobs I have ever done for the least visible difference. I always thought that this generation Mustang had way too much wedge in the styling. My answer was this promo-based build to do a wedge-shaped section job; yep, zero at the front all the way back to 4 scale inches at the rear. I did it for a car club ‘Everyone Build a 1994 Mustang’ contest that was actually held in 1994. I didn’t finish the car but won Third Place anyhow.

The pix below show the car by itself first. In those pix it is hard to spot the mods. In the comparo pix, the difference is a little more obvious.

So Tyler Bonertz suggested putting the quarter window back in would make it flow better. He was right – below are a couple of ideas – I like the bubble top (Narrow C pillar).






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