Corvette Based Show Cars

By: David Palmeter 

1954 Motorama Show Cars

 Mostly the 1954 Corvair Fastback Coupe

 Some 1954 Nomad Info Included

This is Page 1

Page 2 – Corvair Repaint

Page 3 – Several 1954 Show Cars

Page 4 – Corvair Color Info and Scale Models

Page 5 – Nomad Color Info

Page 6 – Corvair Replica

Page 7 – Corvair Replica

Page 8 – Corvair Replica

Top of page and Above – Near final sketches – the emblems and rear quarter window shape are still evolving

Above – Happy mannequins check out the finished product

The above sign apparently says:


Experimental Adaptation of the Sensational Corvette Introduced in 1953

– Reinforced Glass-Fiber Plastic Body

– Overall Height – 51″

– Wheelbase – 102″

– Horsepower – 150

– Powerglide Transmission

Above – Another partial view with the same “See the USA in your Chevrolet” background as in the previous shot.

Above – Close-up of hood louvers

Above – Mobster mannequin looking over his shoulder at the Corvair as a possible getaway car.

Above – Color art apparently derived from the previous photo

Above – Interior close-up from the above art

Above – Two actual color photos.

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