Corvette Based Show Car

By: David Palmeter 

1954 Corvair – Motorama Show Car – Page 4

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Based on detailed information said to have been found by an Indiana enthusiast around 2007, some people have started projects to make 1954 Corvair replicas. Although some of the 1954 Corvair body is the same as the 1953-55 Corvette, the unique windshield and fastback, as well as detail differences, present challenges that have proved to be very time consuming.

A link to pictures of an almost finished 1954 Corvair stock replica, based on the Indiana information, is here.

Plans are being made and pieces gathered in Indiana for a second 1954 Corvair replica..

Now comes word that a third Indiana replica is underway, info here

A link to yet another 1954 Corvair replica, this one very modernized, is here.

A link another person planning to build his own hot rod 1954 Corvair replica, NOT based on the Indiana information, is here.

Colors and Scale Models

Color information on the Corvette-based 1954 Corvair from the instruction sheet of a 1:25 scale resin kit by:

1954 Corvair – Motorama Show Car – Scale Model

Above and three pics below – Scale Dreams 1:25th model, circa 1980

Above four pics – Scale Dreams 1:25th model, circa 1980 – Nice replica but the the color is too dark and should not be metallic. Also, the hood ribs and vents are too flat.

Above two pics shot 2008-05-07 – Johnny Lightning 1:64 scale 1954 Corvair. The “Seafoam Green” color appears to be correct for the repainted Corvair.

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