After seeing the sights on land, we hit the open waters of Prince Somebody Sound.


Above – Judy did a spectacular job of finding great seats for us in several places that we visited on our tour. I was gawking at the knobs and buttons while Judy found two seats right behind the Captain’s bridge. Excellent!!


Above – The young man welcomed us aboard and the South Korean man repeated it all in his language for his tour contingent.


Above – Captain Karen enjoyed telling those who asked how long she had been doing this, “It’s my first day”. Her response to what does it take to get this kind of license was, “Just keep eating Cap’n Crunch, you’ll find a box with a license in it”.


Above – She could parallel park this 80 foot ship better than I can do our Equinox. She doesn’t have rearview mirrors but the on-deck control stand is a help.


Above – Out to Prince William Sound, the northernmost, year-round, ice-free port.


Above – An unusually large group of otters. They just really looked like they were having a great time.


Above – Because the Sound is ice-free all year, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline ends here and the oil is loaded on tankers for shipment.


Above – Doesn’t look comfortable to me, but the sea lions love it…..


Above – Speaking of sea lions, this was a more popular gathering spot.


Above – Ice that breaks off of the glaciers is sometimes spectacular. This shape was the size of a house.


Above – July, on the water, near the glacier, moving at 15 knots = cold!


Above – The glacier producing all that ice, like most glaciers, is huge and is also making lots of gravel.

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