Farewell to Fairbanks and off to Denali, a really big park with a really big mountain! But first, a rest stop in Nenana where we lucked into a preview of the luxury train we will ride later. Nenana (Pop. 400) is famous for the ‘The Nenana Ice Classic’, wherein people from all over the globe try to guess when a heavy tripod will fall through the ice triggering a clock to record the exact time of the spring thaw.

IMG_2940w IMG_2946w IMG_2947w

And then the big park, all 6.2 million acres of it.


Above and below – The visitor center, very nicely done.




Above – An option that was very much worth it, a flight over Denali mountain.


Above – An unusual airplane for the pragmatic Alaskans.


Above and Below – Riding in the copilot seat was excellent. I didn’t get to mess with any knobs, buttons or switches, not even that little switch on front of me.


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