More Train Trip and a slick heist!


Above – Obviously an efficiency comparison test between an experimental 2-blade vs a standard 3-blade windmill. Wonder how it came out?


Above and Below – Sightseeing in a monster truck, what could possibly go wrong?


Above and Below – The conductor is out and we’re going into the siding. Hope it is important.

IMG_3203w IMG_3207w IMG_3218w

Above – We are informed that our Southbound Denali Star train cleared the main for the Northbound Denali Star. Why are they so important? Must be because our journey only has a couple of days to go, whereas the newbies going north probably have a lot more spending days left.

IMG_3220w IMG_3223w

Above – Good ol’ 4321 and 4320 sure are going slow, they’re not going to stop are they?


Above – This is the upper deck open vestibule that I mentioned, the Northbound folks seem to be enjoying it, one lady even shooting obscure details. Why would she do that?


Above – The Northbound did stop. What’s going on? Come on, let’s get moving! Wait, what is the blue shirt person on the right in front of the conductor holding?


Above – I know a 5-gallon ice cream container when I see one! Apparently our crew called ahead and told the Northbound of our desperate situation, so they brought us ice cream. Definitely worth the stop, it tasted great on the multi-berry pie in the downstairs dining later.


Above – These Northbounders seem very happy, they haven’t found out yet that we have their ice cream inventory.


Above – Too late now, we’re moving onto the main and heading south with the ice cream safely stowed.

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