South to Anchorage wherein we learn about ‘off-gridders –


Above and Below – The view from the dining level is great, also.



Above and Below – A story worth telling. These are people who live “off the grid”. No utilities, no roads and no taxes (the Pipeline pays the taxes for everyone, anyhow). The couple (he’s 84, she’s 77), raised four children here. The story goes that when Mom and Dad made an extended trip, the 4 kids found this blue paint and surprised their parents with this very colorful redo. The “City Hall” was a joke since they were the only family in this area.

Their only transportation is by the train we are on. Alaska still has a very vital ‘flag stop’ system. You walk out to the track and wave a flag to stop the train. Not a bad system when you live this close to the tracks. However, it takes on a new level of excitement when you live several miles back in the wolf- and bear-infested forest.



Above – This strange looking “locomotive” on the work train stumped me for a while. We are in Alaska, right? HERE is what I believe it is.

IMG_3268w IMG_3270w IMG_3282w

Above and Below – Getting close to Anchorage. Some are happy, the big kid is sorry to see it end. But, as in every other part of this tour, my expectations were wildly exceeded.

IMG_3283wIMG_0618w IMG_3284w

Above – Home base and a busy railroad area.


Above – In the beginning… This 0-4-0T is said to be the first Alaska Railroad steam engine. Since it is Number 1 and is across the street from home base, I’m buyin’ the story. That is quite a moose guard on the front.

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