On the trip from Anchorage to Seward via luxury motor coach we met a Movie Star! Then a tour of Seward narrated by Steve, our luxury motor coach driver, a native of Seward. Finally a fast catamaran ride out of Resurrection Bay to the Gulf of Alaska to see glaciers, a lot of whales and many other wet things.


From Wikipedia:
“Runaway Train
 is a 1985 American actionthriller film, directed by Andrei KonchalovskyIt stars Jon Voight, Eric Roberts, Rebecca De Mornay and John P. Ryan. It was also the feature debuts of Danny Trejo and Tommy “Tiny” Lister, who both proceeded to successful careers as “tough guy” character actors. The film’s story concerns two escaped convicts and a female railroad worker who are stuck on a runaway train as it barrels through snowy, desolate Alaska. Voight and Roberts were both nominated for Academy Awards for their respective roles. The locomotives used in the film have gone their separate ways:

– ARR GP40-2 #3010 is still active on the Alaska Railroad, painted in the new corporate scheme.” And I got a couple of quick pix – the front above and the rear below, double headed with #4318, an EMD SD70MAC, the most prevalent type on the ARR.

Below – And here is the movie star in person:


Above – One of the thrills of being in Alaska is the anticipation of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. While all the tour folks and other guides talk glowingly about what they have seen and what is possible, they also warn you that they can offer no guarantee that your particular group will see any wildlife. Overall, we did just okay, with several sightings, both in the forests as well as in the water. However, the only not-stuffed bear that we saw was the pile of fur above behind a fence at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. I even missed the best picture when he rolled his head (the lump at the right end with two little ears) our direction to determine if we equaled food. When he saw we didn’t, he rolled his head back and resumed napping.


Above – At the same AWCC, we saw these little guys. We had seen moose in the wild but this was a chance to see some little ones up close.


Above and Below – Even though I would assume that July would be the height of the sailing season, this is one of the few sailboats I saw. There were lots of commercial and tourists boats, however.

IMG_3326w IMG_3330w

Smart phone users: If the above picture is sideways and distorted, click HERE for a lo-res but correctly oriented version.


Above – Looky here, it is that same bunch of 8 that we keep seeing. Fine looking group! Another surprise HERE. We are headed out on a fast Catamaran to Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park to see sea stuff.

IMG_3359w IMG_3360w

Above and Below – A great boat ride out, love those cats. We got out to several glaciers, including the giant above that shed a major chunk of ice while we were watching, close-up below. It really did make that large cracking, booming sound that National Geographic TV always shows.



Above – Alaska ice fishing. They did chop it up and put it in drinks.

Smart phone users: If the above picture is sideways, click HERE for a lo-res but correctly oriented version.


Above – The young lady offered to let the touristers hold it to have their picture taken. Everyone who grabbed it said, of course, “Wow , that is cold!”. Cracked me up, what did they expect? I was already nicely chilled, so I declined any additional thermal transfer.

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