Some final tours around Anchorage and then the long trip into tomorrow and Hoosierland.


Above – Lake Hood Seaplane Base is the world’s busiest seaplane base, handling an average of 190 flights per day. It is adjacent to the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport where they also have parking for LOTS of land-based small planes (Below).

IMG_3605w IMG_3612w

Above – Anchorage in the background, it is the largest city in Alaska with a population of 291,826 (2014). Those areas around Lake Hood look like beaches but they are mostly very fine glacier silt and can be as treacherous as quick sand.


Above – Neat old railroad station in Wasilla remade into the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center. I am sure that they can tell you about their famous resident, but we didn’t ask. Check your favorite search engine if you care who that resident is.


Above and Below – We did, however, ask about the last great race on earth. I’ve always been impressed by the Iditarod and this added to my admiration for those who race in it. It is a true team effort.

IMG_3615AtIditarodHQW2 IMG_3616wIMG_3617w

Above – I understand their reason why, but I still enjoyed the irony of the sign above.


Four Pictures Below – After seeing an impressive video about how much these dogs love to run, we had a chance to ride behind a team that had participated in the 2014 event. The lead dog was from that team. Yes, they DO love to run.

Smart phone users: If the picture below is sideways, click HERE for a lo-res,  correctly oriented versions.


Smart phone users: If the picture below is upside down, click HERE for a lo-res but correctly oriented version.



Smart phone users: If the picture below is sideways, click HERE for a lo-res and strange textured but correctly oriented version.



Above – Yes, they do love to run, and run fast! They are specifically bred for the race. I was surprised to see how far they had been bred away from Huskies and how much more toward Greyhounds, but with more muscle, more cold weather adaptations and much more endurance.

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