We did an overland tour of Alaska from July 14 to July 24, 2014. We booked it with 6 other friends through Top Notch Tours of Lebanon, Indiana. There were a total of 42 people (our group picture below – bigger picture HERE) from Central Indiana on the tour. In Alaska, we were hosted by Premier Alaska Tours.

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We had a great time, Alaska is an amazing state! The intent on the following pages is to show you what I enjoyed about the Tour. Hopefully you will find some entertainment, it was fun to relive the trip (and write some wise guy comments).  There is wildlife, culture and scenery, too. Plus you know that I really like trains, boats and planes. You will also find out the story about the beautiful young lady in the beautiful coat at the top of the page. There is a funky lawyer story and I even got a couple of decent pictures of a MOVIE STAR, don’t miss that!

Overview Map of the Adventure

Here is a day-by day index:

July 14 – Noblesville to Anchorage, Alaska

July 15 – Anchorage to Valdez

July 16 – Valdez

July 16b – Valdez Boat Trip

July 17 – Valdez to Fairbanks

July 18 – Fairbanks Museum and Sternwheeler Trip

July 18b – Fairbanks Native Village

July 18c – More Cruising and Fairbanks Sights

July 18d – Great Final Day in Fairbanks

July 19 – Fairbanks to Denali

July 19b – Denali from the Air

July 20 – Denali from the Ground

July 21 – Denali to Anchorage by Train

July 21b – On the Rails

July 21c – Rolling into Anchorage

July 22 – Anchorage to Seward and a Fast Boat Ride

July 22b – An Amazing Show in the Wild

July 23 – Anchorage and Musher Fun July 23b – A Fond Farewell



Alaska – 2014 — 2 Comments

  1. Great setup fun going thru each day of the trip and the high
    lights. Charles and I enjoyed our trip as well, but two things
    different than your’s: we got snowed on while we were on the
    mountain trip and our party of 8 had four hunters we saw lots
    of wildlife. You’re right about Alaska is a beautiful state!!!
    Love to both, Mary

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