Corvette C5 Racing History
David Palmeter

C5-R – Chassis C5R-005

Above – 2003-03-13 – Note that this car was completed October 25, 2001.

Above – 2001-09-14 – Pratt & Miller race shop – C5R-005 during initial build.

2002 – The First Racing Season

Above – 2002-05-19 – Sears Point – First Corvette Team race for C5R-005 and C5R-006 and first win for 005.

Above – 2002-10-12 – Petit Le Mans – Wrapping up the 2002 season and kicking off the 50th Anniversary of Corvette with a win at Road Atlanta. 

2003 – The Second Racing Season

Above – Sebring – 2003-03-13 – Reference – the white line shows the location of the Serial Number plate on all C5-Rs to date. (C5R-005 shown.)

Above – Sebring – 2003-03-13 – Yes, that’s me, next to C5R-005 and lookin’ as much like a tourist as possible. Robin Pratt of the Pratt & Miller team graciously consented to take the above photo with my camera.

Above – 2003-03-15 – Sebring – For C5R-005, its next to last Corvette Team race, as well as its sixth and last win.

2004 and 2005 – Show Car

Above – 2004-06-27 – Show car duty

2006 – The First Racing Season in Europe


As already known, SRT acquired a second Pratt & Miller Corvette C5-R. The team now owns chassis numbers 5 and 7. The number 5 was the car that won the GTS(1) class in the Le Mans 24 Hours, while the number 7 was the spare car.

Patrick Selleslagh: “It’s our aim to race the Belcar 2005 winning car (chassis number 7) in France, with Eric Cayrolle and Thierry Soave, for the entire French FFSA-GT championship. If we find any valuable candidates, we could rent the car for a selection of races, for example the Zolder 24 hours, in Belcar. The chassis number 5 on the other hand will do the full Belcar season with Hart and Bleekemolen and a selection of races in France . This is all because the Belcar and FFSA-GT calendars clash twice.

“Presuming that GLPK comes to Belcar with a ‘younger’ and technically more updated Corvette, we also decided to purchase a more recent engine, delivering more torque and weighing less. Our car is 50 kg heavier than the GLPK one, but we will race with bigger restrictors. I hope that Kumpen and Longin will race in Belcar with the Corvette as this is a gain for the championship and it’s magic.”

Above  – 2006-04-09 – Finishing second in the first Belcar race of the year.  Thanks to Decancq Brecht for the picture.

Above – 2006-08-27 winning the Zolder 24 Hour race

2007 – The Second Racing Season in Europe

Daily Sports Car – 2007-01-15: SRT is sure to be back on the tracks for 2007, as Patrick Selleslagh explains. “We will continue in FFSA GT in France with most likely our two C5-Rs. The Spa 24 hours is also on our to-do list, but the Le Mans Series seems more difficult to finalize, at least for the entire series. We’re still looking for drivers to compete the entire Le Mans Series.”

Update – Daily Sports Car – 2007-02-05: I’ll also focus on one car this year, rather than running a two-car squad and so our Le Mans winning car (the chassis number 005 won the race in 2002) is for sale. The car has an incredible race record; it won the Le Mans 24 Hours and Zolder 24 Hours (2006) and competed in ALMS, Belcar and FFSA-GT. I’ll put it back in its original state.”

For all details, please contact Patrick Selleslagh: 0032/497.55.11.05

2008 – The Third Season in Europe

2008-02-25 – This very nice note directly from SRT:

—– Original Message —– 

From: Selleslaghracing 
To: David & Judy Palmeter 
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 4:39 AM
Re: Corvette Chassis Numbers

Dear David,

Corvette C5R, chassis 007 is sold to At Racing in Austria and will be running by Renauer Motorsport Austria
Corvette C5R, chassis 005 is still in our workshop for sale.
We bought a new Corvette C6R, chassis 006, this will be running in FIA GT and FFSA ( French Championship). In Ffsa the drivers are Ayari Soheil and Bruno Hernandez.

FIA GT (drivers) will be announced next week.

Maryse Lesire
Selleslagh Racing Team

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