C5-R History

By: David Palmeter 

C5-R – Chassis C5R-006

Above – Sebring – 2003-03-13 – Note that this car was completed November 1, 2001.

Above – Pratt & Miller Shop – 2001-09-14 – I was privileged to have a chance to visit P&M and shoot C5R-006 under construction. Note the use of a wide variety of exotic materials…..

Above – Pratt & Miller Shop – 2001-09-14 – This is C5R-006 (foreground) and C5R-007 under construction. They were still using actual production turn signal units, rather than the decals they use today.

2002 – The First Racing Season

Above – 2002-07-07 – Road America  – Although C5R-006 is running second here, the #4 team went on to win their first race of 2002 in this traditional 500 mile event.

Above – 2002-07-07 – Road America  – C5R-006 dicing with the Olive Garden Ferrari 550.

Above – 2002-07-21 – RFK Stadium, Washington, DC  – A unusual shot of C5R-006. Note the taped-on aero(?) tweak.

Above – 2002-07-21 – RFK Stadium, Washington, DC  – This is C5R-006 in the garage. It finished second.

Above – 2002-10-12 – Petit Le Mans – This is C5R-006 heading for a third place finish in the 50th Anniversary of Corvette livery.

2003 – The Second Racing Season

Above – 2003-03-15 – Sebring – A third place finish for C5R-006 to open the season. C5R-006 would only race one more time (spring Atlanta race) as a factory car.

Above – 2003-03-15 – Sebring – Apparently I was hanging around a lot. One of the real photographers got me.

2004 – The ? Season

Show duty or dust collecting?.

2005 – The First Racing Season for a Private USA Team

Above – 2003-02-08 – Sebring? – Test – Pacific Coast Motorsports bought C5R-006 to race in the American Le Mans Series with drivers Alex Figge and Ryan Dalziel.

Above – 2005-03-14 – Sebring – A new venture and a major sponsor.

Above – 2005-03-14 – Sebring – The colors certainly kept it from being confused with a factory team car.

Above – 2005-03-16 – Sebring – Running against the factory cars was a challenge.

Above – 2005-07-04 – Lime Rock – Running third.

Above – 2005-08-21 – Road America – Running third again, somehow they seemed surprised that they couldn't outrun the factory cars. The handwriting was on the wall, they didn't finish the season.

2006 – The First Racing Season in Europe

Above – 2006-03-26 – Paul Ricard

2007 – The Second Racing Season in Europe

Above – 2007-04-27 – Nogaro

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C5R-006 — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting note, the rear-end bodywork was 7/8″ narrower on the passenger side vs. driver-side. The passenger side tapered more after the rear wheel. I don’t know if this was done by mistake or if it had some aero benefit at Daytona. If you look closely at the rear-end photo you can see it. I worked at Caravaggio Corvettes and we had a complete C5R body at the shop

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