Corvette C5 Racing History
David Palmeter

C5-R – Chassis C5R-008

C5R-008 Chassis Under Construction

Above – Pratt & Miller Shop – 2001-09-14 – I took these pictures of C5R-008 chassis under construction. – Front

Above – Pratt & Miller Shop – 2001-09-14 – Rear

C5R-008 Chassis Serial Number Plate

Above – Nashville, TN – June 27, 2003. C5R-008 was just back from Le Mans and was put on display at the Corvette 50th Anniversary Celebration in Nashville. Manufacture Date 3-15-03. Note that, starting with C5R-008,  the plate has moved to the roof support bar due to the addition of an energy absorbing box attached to the horizontal bar previously used.

2003 Racing Season

Above – Spring, 2003 – C5R-008 testing at Homestead with the “new for Le Mans 2003 only” red, white and blue paint scheme and a  yellow wing – Photo by GM Racing

Le Mans – June 14 – 15, 2003

Above – The GT competitors, Le Mans 2003.

Above – Le Mans 2003 – C5R-008 resplendent in the USA colors. The number “50” celebrates the 50th anniversary of Corvette.

June 27, 2003

I took the photos below of C5R-008 at Nashville during the Corvette 50th Anniversary celebration. The car was displayed “as is” from the 2003 Le Mans 24-hour race.

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2 Responses to C5R-008

  1. Blaine says:

    I am building a scale model of this race car. Your reference photos will be a great help. Thanks

    • David says:

      Good luck with your model, Blaine, this is one of the best documented C5-R chassis on my site and I was very glad to be able to get pictures in the Le Mans ‘as raced’ condition. As a modeler myself, I always tried to get all the details that I could. I would be glad to post pictures of your model when finished on this page.

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