C5-R Chassis Serial Number History
By: David Palmeter 


Above – 1997-11-19 – In the beginning…. – Apparently the first C5-R test car

Serial Numbers C5R-001, C5R-002
1999 Racing Season

  • Daytona, 001, 002 – Original body, 366 engine (based on production 346 LS1)
  • Sebring, 001, 002 – same body and engine
  • Sears Point, 001 – new hood, roof scoop gone, 366 engine
  • Atlanta, 001, 002 – same as Sears Point (Sonoma)
  • Laguna Seca, 001 – 427 engine (new casting but still based on production 346 LS1)
  • Las Vegas, 001 – same as Laguna Seca

Serial Numbers C5R-001, C5R-002
2000 Racing Season

Serial Numbers C5R-003, C5R-004
2000 Racing Season

*From “SportsCarWorld” Web Site (and many other sources):
 “The new Mosport (August 6, 2000) chassis – is three inches wider than the (2000) Le Mans / Sebring cars – this improvement appears to have made all the difference.”

Serial Numbers C5R-003, C5R-004
2001 Racing Season

**This same weekend a rep at the Chevrolet Corvette display at the Brickyard 400 told me that 005 and 006 were under construction at Pratt and Miller.

UPDATE: A trip to Pratt & Miller on September 14, 2001 confirmed that C5R-005, 006 and 007 are well along and the frame for C5R-008 was on the welding plate.

Serial Numbers C5R-003, C5R-004, C5R-005,

C5R-006 2002 Racing Season


Note 1 – Chassis C5R-005 was in a serious fire at Laguna Seca. From Pratt & Miller’s Laguna Seca 2002 report: “Fortunately, the team had planned to use the older cars (003 and 004) they raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the next race in Miami, which gives them an extra week to prepare the fire-damaged car (005) for the Road Atlanta finale.”


Serial Numbers C5R-005,

C5R-006, C5R-008, C5R-009, C5R-010
2003 Racing Season

Note 1 – Per Ron Fellows – dailysportscar.net  6-4-03 – “Road Atlanta will see the old cars race again, with the new cars making their ALMS debut at Sears Point.”

Note 2 – Per a team mechanic at Road America – “Since 008 was wrecked at Mosport and could not be repaired for Road America, 010 was pressed into service; 011 is under construction.”

Note 3 – Per http://www.speedarena.com/artman/publish/sportscar_news/article_3331.shtml “This weekend’s Round 7 of the ALMS at Laguna Seca marks the reunion of the team’s newly designed chassis, #008 and #009, that first debuted in the ALMS to a victory at Infineon Raceway. Oliver Gavin and Kelly Collins, in the #4 Corvette C5-R, had the responsibility of piloting the team’s test chassis during the last race at Road America, after an accident at Mosport temporarily put their chassis #008 out of commission. The returning chassis has three podium finishes, including one victory at Le Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres, in its competition history.”

Note 4 – Both 008 and 009 were wrecked at Miami. A very serious warmup session wreck kept 008 from starting the race. During the race, 009 was wrecked but was patched up and finished.

Note 5 – Per Oct 8, 2003 email from Robin Pratt of Pratt & Miller: “8 & 9 were used in Miami  we will be using 9 & 10 at Petit”. Further discussions have indicated that 008 is repairable and may race in 2004.


Serial Number C5R-007
2003 Racing Season


Serial Numbers

C5R-008, C5R-009, C5R-010, C5R-011
2004 Racing Season
(Note 1)

  • Sebring, March 3 – Chassis 010, 011  (first win for 011)
  • Le Mans Trials, April 25 – Chassis 010, 011 (Note 3)
  • Le Mans, June 12-13 – Chassis 010, 011 (first win for 010)
  • Mid-Ohio, June 27 – Chassis 008, 009 (third win for 009)
  • Lime Rock, July 5 – Chassis 008, 009 (second win for 008)
  • Sears Point, July 18 – Chassis 009, 010, 011 (Note 2) (second win for 011) 
  • Portland, July 25 – Chassis 010, 011 (third win for 011)
  • Mosport, August 8 – Chassis 010, 011 (second win for 010)
  • Road America, August 22 – Chassis 010, 011 (third win for 010)
  • Atlanta, September 25 – Chassis 010, 011 (fourth win for 010)
  • Laguna Seca, October 16 – Chassis 010, 011 (fourth win for 011)

Note 1 – November, 2003 – C6-R introduction currently scheduled for 2005 racing season.

Note 2 – 009 written off, but later resurrected

Note 3 – Chassis numbers reported HERE – Thanks, Bill

Above – 2004-10-16 – The last champagne bottle for the C5-R as a factory racer

NOTE: For information about any C5-R chassis beyond the 2004 Racing Season, click on the chassis number above. The individual pages are kept relatively up-to-date.

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  1. Hi David
    This is a hello From Denmark.
    I just found your website, as I was looking for Corvette C5R Parts which seems not possible to find,
    but what a collection and description of history and pictures you have manage to get hold in,
    amazing and very interesting , I am a Corvette fan and raced in American cars for years also Corvette, I have 2 EX Le Mans Marcos LM600 with Chevrolet engines , but what I wanted to ask about is, we are building on a C5 Corvette, one of 2 ever build GT2N cars, built by Dave from Xero competition back in 2003-4, built very close to the GT1 Cars in the chassis, we are renovating and built it as close we can to be like the C5R , so I just wonder as you have so much knowledge to this car, that you maybe know someone who could have parts and a complete body or molds for those cars ?
    Sorry for disturb,
    butI hope you maybe have a link for me to find parts for those cars.

    Best regards
    Hans-Henrik Pedersen

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