Corvette C6 Racing History
David Palmeter

C6.R – Chassis C6R-001

This is the first C6.R racing chassis (although C5R-012 was bodied as a C6.R and used as the the first C6.R test chassis and C6.R show car.)

2005 – Corvette Racing Team

Competed in ALMS as car #3.

Above  – 2006-07-26 – This is a plate I missed while C6R-001 was racing in the USA. Note that the “Manufacture Date” was never added. This photo was taken by, and sent to me by, “Tman08”. It was taken at the parade prior to the FIA GT Spa 24-hour race.  Thanks!

Above  – 2007-05-05 – This photo was taken by, and sent to me by, Nigel S. Dobbie. It was taken by Nigel at the Silverstone FIA GT race.  Thanks also to Nigel!

Above  – 2005-01-08 – Testing at Sebring

Above  – 2005-02-08 – Testing at Sebring

Above  – 2005-05-22 – Mid-Ohio Garage

Above  – 2005-05-22 – Mid-Ohio – Front wheel detail

Above  – 2005-06-05 – Le Mans Practice

2006 – GLPK Carsport Racing Team

2005-12 – Sold to GLPK Carsport to run in FIA GT

Above  – 2006-03-30 Spa Test

Above  – 2006-03-30 Spa Test

Above  – 2006-05-07 – Silverstone, England – The first 2006 FIA GT race – started from the pole.

Above  – 2006-05-07 – Silverstone, England – The first 2006 FIA GT race – finished 8th.

Above  – 2006-07-26 – Spa, Belgium – The FIA GT 24-hour race parade. A photo by “Tman08” of C6R-001 (right) and C6R-002. They finished a creditable 3rd and 5th, respectively.

Above  – 2006-08-20 – Paul Ricard, France – FIA GT race – finished 1st! (And C6R-002, also shown, finished 2nd!)

2007 – GLPK Carsport Racing Team

Above  – 2007-03-23 – Zhuhia, China – FIA GT race – Glad I don’t have guys like this hanging around my car.

Above  – 2007-03-23 – Zhuhia, China – FIA GT race – finished 3rd.

2007-09-06 – From a direct source: “I have contacted Mike Hezemans who used to own C6R-001. Although he still races that car, it was actually sold.”

2008 – Phoenix Carsport Racing Team

“14/02/2008: Phoenix Carsport to double up their Corvettes for 2008 ! 
Phoenix Carsport have announced their plans for the 2008 season on their web site.

The team stated that “Phoenix Carsport will see the addition of both a second C6R Corvette as well as 2 new drivers.” The 001 chassis, which raced in the FIA GT Championship last year, will be raced by the all-Swiss line-up of Marcel Fässler and Jean Denis Delatraz.

The second car, which was the chassis 005 from the 2007 ALMS season, will be shared by Mike Hezemans – leading the FIA GT Championship in races and pole positions – and 2004 Champion Fabrizio Gollin. All four drivers were victorious in the 2007 edition of the Total 24 Hours of Spa.

GMAC have also announced that they will be partnering the team as one of the main sponsors.”

From the FIA GT site.

Above  – 2008-04-20 – Silverstone – FIA GT race

Above  – 2008-04-20 – Silverstone – FIA GT race – Nigel S. Dobbie Photo

2009 – Phoenix Racing Team

Below – 2009-09-22 – Daniel Mauel has been kind enough to provide an update on C6R-001. Thanks, Daniel:

Hi David,

I took a trip to the Nürburgring on the weekend. Thought you might like
to know that I came across C6.R #001, which is currently residing in the
Phoenix Racing showroom there. The car is marked for sale at €380800
(including tax, without spares).
Seems like the car hasn’t done anything since the end of last year’s FIA
GT season as it’s still carrying some stickers, most notably the driver
names, from the last round at Potrero de los Funes.

I’m attaching a few pictures, in case you want to use them on the
website feel free to do so.


2010 – Team Phoenix Racing Carsport

From the ever helpful Corvette Motorsport site comes this:

“In late 2005 Carsport Holland, owned by Toine Hezemans, brought the first Pratt & Miller C6.R chassis #001 to be raced in the FIA GT Championship. After competing in 2006 with Belgian team GLPK, Hezemans partnered up with the services of Phoenix in Germany and formed Phoenix Carsport. 2010 will see the reuniting of Mike and Toine Hezemans with Phoenix Racing. Both C6R Chassis 001 and 005 will be racing under the new 2010 FIA GT1 specification. The drivers for this season will be Marc Hennerici/Andreas Zuber & Mike Hezemans/Andrea Piccini (001 #14).”

Above  – 2010-04-16 – Abu Dhabi

Above  – 2010-04-17 – Abu Dhabi – Finished third

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