Corvette C6 Racing History
David Palmeter

C6.R – Chassis C6R-004

2006 – Corvette Racing Team

Competed in ALMS as car #4.

Above  – 2006-05-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race. Manufacture Date completion was probably late 2005. The team does not put the dates on lately.

Above  – 2006-01-10 – Testing at Sebring

Above  – 2006-05-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race – engine detail.

Above  – 2006-05-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race – more engine detail.

Above  – 2006-05-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race – rear suspension detail.

Above  – 2006-05-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race – rear cooler detail.

Above  – 2006-05-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race – side body detail.

Above  – 2006-05-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race – rear body detail.

Above  – 2006-05-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race – interior detail.

Above  – 2006-06-18 – Le Mans winner!

2006-08 – Luc Alphand Aventures team announced that they had agreed to purchase C6R-004 to run in the 2007 Le Mans Series and to try for the 2007 Le Mans 24 Hour.

Coming in 2007 – Luc Alphand Aventures – Europe

I am pleased thus to announce today that TEAM LAA will make roll 2 cars in 2007: on the one hand the C5R (Chassis C5R-010) with which Luc Alphand, Jérome Policand and Patrice Goueslard signed excellent results in 2006 and the lately acquired C6R (Chassis C6R-004). With the program, the championship Le Mans Series and 24 Hours of Le Mans, race for which the TEAM will request an engagement.

I will concluerai this édito by expressing my great satisfaction within sight of our results and by addressing all my congratulations to the whole of the TEAM. The serious one and it without fault of the pilots since the beginning of the season as well as the very good management and preparatory work of the technical team make the TEAM increasingly homogeneous and unceasingly make it progress: we sign a podium at the time of the 24 Hours of Mans, and with a podium in Istanbul, one second place in Nurburgring July followed by another second place in Donington in August, we currently at the head point European championship Mans Series in front of Aston Martin official, Maranello Ferrari of the TEAM Menx and Saleen of the TEAM Oreca. The last test of the season will take place with Jarama, in Spain, next on September 24: the first places will be very disputed but I do not doubt that the team will be on the podium, and I hope for it, on highest walk!

I wish with all our readers as beautiful re-entry as ours! Return in Jarama!

Philippe Poincloux
TEAM Manager

Translated from French

August, 2006

Thanks to “Tman08” for the info – 2006-09-12

Above – 2006-09-28 – Petit Le Mans – The bottom of C6R-004 during tech.

2006-10-11 – interview with Doug Fehan:

With its success globally, many teams have been eyeing a Corvette for its racing program for 2007.  Fehan confirmed that more C6.Rs are being made available to customers for the coming season.

“Absolutely,” Fehan stated.  “As a matter of fact, we have four cars for sale right now. We already have two that are done {C6R.005 and C6R.006, apparently – see below} and these two [current ALMS {C6R.003 and C6R.004}] cars will be for sale as well.”

Corvette Racing will be building two new C6.Rs for its 2007 racing season {C6R.007 and C6R.008?}.  However, its program has yet to be confirmed.

“Right now, there is not a contract in place to support Corvette Racing in 2007.” Fehan stated.

2007 Racing Season – The First in Europe

Above – 2007-02-21 – Arrival at Luc Alphand Aventures.

Above – 2007-04-02 – Picture from Daily Sports Car of C6R-004 in new Luc Alphand Aventures paint. Date and place unidentified but apparently during March, 2007 at Paul Ricard circuit in France doing testing.

Above – 2007-04-15 – Le Mans Series race winner at Monza with Luc Alphand, Jerome Policand and Patrice Goueslard driving.

Above – 2007-06-03 – 24 Hours of Le Mans with Luc Alphand, Jerome Policand and Patrice Goueslard driving.

Above – 2007-06-03 – 24 Hours of Le Mans – driving to a 7th in class finish

Above – 2007-07-25 –  Another new Luc Alphand Aventures paint job for C6R-004 at the FIA Gt Spa 24 hour race.

Above – 2007-07-25 –  Team Corvette drivers Olivier Beretta and Oliver Gavin teamed with Vosse and Franchi to finish 6th at the FIA GT Spa 24 hour race.

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