Corvette C6 Racing History
David Palmeter

C6.R – Chassis C6R-006

Above  – 2007-07-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race. C6R-006 was completed on October 4, 2006.

2006 – Corvette Racing Team

Above  – 2006-09-14 – Shop tour picture, assumed to be C6R-005 and 006 under construction.

Above  – 2006-11-15 – Sebring test – note that the number 4 car is always distinguished by a black windshield sun shade and black painted mirrors

Above  – 2006-11-15 – Sebring test

Above  – 2006-11-15 – Sebring test

2007 – Corvette Racing Team

Above  – 2007-02-05 – Sebring test – looks race ready

Above  – 2007-02-05 – Sebring – with magic test paper attached to the door(?) 

Above  – 2007-02-05 – Sebring test 

2007-02-14 – Email – “David:
C6R chassis #005 and #006 are the cars that tested at Sebring (February, 2007) and will campaign the entire 2007 season.”

2007-02-21 – Email – “David:
Chassis #007 and #008 are built for the 2008 season and will be ready in the event we need one for the 2007 season. If any further cars are sold they would be #003, #005 and/or #006.”

Above  – 2007-06-16 – The only (?) Le Mans pit stop – out very early with a driveshaft failure. 

Above  – 2007-07-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race. Hi, Jody.

Above  – 2007-07-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race.

Above  – 2007-07-20 – Mid-Ohio ALMS race.

Above  – 2007-10-15 – Oh no!! In the shop heading for Laguna Seca – something different…..

Above  – 2007-10-15 – ….something, well, ugly. Belgian Racing Yellow for 8 years is bad enough for a USA car, but graphics applied with a broom? Why? 

(By the way, I think yellow is great for a Belgian racing team, maybe that’s why so many ex-Corvette Team cars are run by Belgians…..hmmm….)

Above  – 2007-10-15 – Laguna Seca – Yep, robohead is still there.

2008 – Nahsing, I know nahsing….OK, now I know something

2008-01-10 – Email – “#003 sold to Luc Alphand, #006 sold to SRT and #005 still pending. Talking to Phoenix about this one.”

2008-02-22 – Thanks to Lane Perry for this find: From planetlemans.comSelleslagh Racing Team (SRT) will once again compete in the FIA GT Championship this season. After running a Corvette C5-R in the 2007 season, in the Citation Cup, the team has bought an ex-Corvette Racing USA C6.R which will be driven by experienced sportscar driver Christophe Bouchut and one-time FIA GT driver and former World Series by Renault driver Xavier Maassen. The team’s weapon of choice will be an ex-Corvette Racing USA Corvette C6.R. The car was used in 2007 in the American Le Mans Series where it was very successful as it won nine out of twelve events in the GT1 class and finished second in the other three races. Unfortunately the car did not make it to the finish at the 24 Hours of Le Mans where it suffered a rare retirement. (It is C6R-006.)

2008-02-22 – More from “A few weeks ago a C6.R did in fact arrive here”, Patrick Selleslagh confirms the good news. “It boasts chassis number 6, the last car to have rolled out of the workshops of the American manufacturer. Up until recently the car was in the hands of the works. This is an enormous step forward for us and we’re investing heavily to make 2008 a year to remember. In addition I want to thank Pratt & Miller for all the support they gave us once again last winter. We wouldn’t have achieved this project without them. Regarding the old C5 (Editor note: C5R-007), we’ll see this car back in the hands of AT Racing in the FIA GT Citation Cup.”

2008-02-23 – C6R-006 in the SRT shop.

2008-02-25 – And this very nice note directly from SRT:

—– Original Message —– 

From: Selleslaghracing 
To: David & Judy Palmeter 
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 4:39 AM
Re: Corvette Chassis Numbers

Dear David,

Corvette C5R, chassis 007 is sold to AT Racing in Austria and will be running by Renauer Motorsport Austria
Corvette C5R, chassis 005 is still in our workshop for sale.
We bought a new Corvette C6R, chassis 006, this will be running in FIA GT and FFSA ( French Championship). In FFSA the drivers are Ayari Soheil and Bruno Hernandez.

FIA GT (drivers) will be announced next week.

Maryse Lesire
Selleslagh Racing Team

2008-01-10 – Email – “#003 sold to Luc Alphand, #006 sold to SRT and #005 still pending. Talking to Phoenix about this one.”

2009 – SRT

For the 2009 season, SRT campaigned their C6R (chassis 006) in both the FIA GT and FFSA French GT championships. Former PK driver Bert Longin and James Ruffier captured a win at the Algarve circuit in Portugal.

2010 – Mad Croc Racing

From the ever popular Corvette Motorsports site:

The 2010 GT1 season will see Mad Croc Racing competing with lead drivers Pertti Kuismanen and Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin in the (006) #12 C6R. For the races Oliver will miss, Finnish driver Mika Salo will partner with Kuismanen. The (002) #11 drivers for Mad-Croc are Alex Müller and Xavier Maassen.

Above  – 2010-02-21 – Press photo

Above  – 2010-03-01 – Press photo

Above  – 2010-03-01 – Press photo

Above  – 2010-04-17 – Abu Dhabi – Finished fifteenth

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