Corvette C6 Racing History
David Palmeter

C6.R – Chassis C6R-007

2008 – Corvette Racing Team

Above – The actual C6R-007 chassis plate. A great big THANK YOU to Nigel S. Dobbie who provided this pic he shot on Friday at the 2008 Le Mans 24.

Above – 2008-08-08 – The actual C6R-007 chassis plate with a date of 9-28-2007, even though as noted below, the car was actually under construction in February, 2007. A great big THANK YOU to Dennis Rozell who provided this pic.

2007-02-21 – Email – “David:
Chassis #007 and #008 are built for the 2008 season and will be ready in the event we need one for the 2007 season. If any further cars are sold they would be #003, #005 and/or #006.”

2007-11-23 – Email – “David:
YES we are running 007 and 008 (in 2008)”.

Built in February, 2007 and not raced until March, 2008. Hmmmm…..

Above and Below – 2008-02-20 – Sebring Test in new livery – looks a lot like the old one.

Above – 2008-04-08 – Long Beach

Above – 2008-06-01 – LeMans

Above – 2008-08-24 – Mosport

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