C6.R Chassis Serial Number History
By: David Palmeter 

C5-R/C6.R Test and Show Chassis


C6.R Chassis History

Serial Numbers C6R-013, C6R-014, C6R-015, C6R-016
2005 Racing Season

2004-08-28 – At a seminar at “Corvettes at Carlisle”, Gary Claudio of GM Racing and Mike Atkins from Pratt & Miller identified the tentative chassis number assignments for the new C6.R as noted above but they also admitted that the numbers might be started over with C6R-001. As we know now, they did decide to start with C6R-001.

Comments on C6.R changes:
“Both the chassis and the aerodynamic package changed considerably,” explained Steve Wesoloski, GM Racing road racing group manager. “The new regulations required more extensive use of the production car’s chassis structure, retaining items such as the central drivetrain tunnel, the windshield frame and the rear bumper. These requirements affected the C6.R’s weight distribution, and we had to understand how that change influenced its on-track performance. We also introduced new low-friction suspension attachments that made the car quicker to react, and that required the engineering team to make corresponding changes in the setup throughout the season.
2005-11-01 – ALMS Web Site

Details and pictures of each chassis:









Since I am not keeping up very well with the racing Corvettes as they head to Europe, I suggest you check in with the excellent Corvette Motorsports site for the latest on GT1 – GT4 Corvettes in Europe. Below is their info as of February, 2010:

“In 2008, Phoenix Carsport was formed with two cars (chassis 001 and 005) and sponsored by GMAC financing. Luc Alphand purchased chassis 003 and raced it with 004 during the 2008 season. DKR Engineering of Luxembourg continued to race chassis 002 on a race-by-race season. SRT (Selleslagh Racing Team) from Belgium purchased C6R chassis 006 for drivers Christophe Bouchut and Xavier Maassen

2009 saw the disbanding of Phoenix Carsport and the return of PK Carsport with Hezemans/Kumpen racing chassis 005. Chassis 001 did not compete, while Luc Alphand continued to race 003 and 004. Towards the end of the season, the team’s chassis 003 was totaled in a fire leaving only chassis 004 for competition. SRT race 006 and DK Engineering occasionally raced chassis 002.

The 2010 racing season will see the reuniting of Phoenix Racing of Germany and Carsport Holland. Selleslagh Racing Team and DKR Engineering will merge to form Mad Croc Racing team. Entering Le Mans this season, Luc Alphand Aventures will campaign their remaining C6R with the potential entry into the Le Mans Series.

Above 2008-02-25 – edited from: Corvette Motorsport

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