C6.R Show History

By: David Palmeter 

Like all facets of tracking actual racing cars, the Corvette Racing show cars have some strange twists, too. 

C6.R Show Car at Mid-Ohio 2005

Above – 2005-05-21 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – C6.R Show Car – I saw and shot this car in the Chevy display at Mid-Ohio. I was able to verify it to be what had been called, originally, the C5R-012 chassis. It was the last C5-R chassis but was never raced as a C5-R. It was fitted with C6.R bodywork and used as the initial C6.R test car. 

Above – 2005-05-21 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – C6.R Show Car – A rare shot indeed, I am glad the Chevrolet marketing person in the Mid-Ohio display was kind enough to open the door for me. As mentioned above, a major shock – the Chassis Number plate indeed reads C6R-012, not C5R-012!!

Above – 2005-05-21 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – C6.R Show Car – Interesting detail – the race cars get a “C6R” decal, the show car gets a heavy metal “C6R” emblem. How many of those were made, I wonder?

Above – 2005-05-21 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – Rear detail of the C6.R Show Car.

C6.R Show Car at Sebring 2008

Above – 2008-02-28 – Another shocker! Said to be at a Sebring Historic race event:

Then this from a Tampa Newspaper on March 3, 2008:

On Friday (Feb 29, 2008), Brian DeVries of Grand Rapids, Mich., won the Historic Night Race for groups 6, 7 and 9 in his “90 Intrepid GTP over Richard Polidori of Boca Raton, who was driving a “92 Spice GTP. DeVries had a best-lap time that was almost two minutes faster than his nearest competitor. Finishing in third place in the 45 minute race, more than three minutes behind the leader, was Ross Bleustein of Weston in his “99 Riley & Scott, while Rudy Junco came in fourth in his “90 Intrepid RM-1. Edward Borowy managed to claim fifth place in his “96 Riley & Scott MK 111, Robert Blain from Janesville, Wis., came in sixth in his “04 Corvette C6, and Theo Bean of Lafayette, La., finished seventh in his “75 Dekon Monza.


And from an internet forum:

4 Mar 2008, 00:10 – Ten-10ths
Originally Posted by Lola T92/10
Can’t wait to see the GT1 AND GT2 cars at Sebring!
On a side note, for those of you who would like to see a
Corvette factory car remain in its original colors after its time with P&M is done you should know that 2006 Lemans entrant #64 is now owned by what appears to be a private collector and was racing at a Historic racing event last weekend in its full 2006 Lemans trim

4 Mar 2008, 00:10 HORNDAWG = Sorry, somebody is pulling your leg. The chassis that ran as the #64 car in the 06 Le Mans race is chassis # C6R-004 which is owned By Luc Alphand Aventures and just finished testing at HTTT Paul Ricard.

4 Mar 2008, 08:25 Sportscarguy08 = lol…im sure its a showcar. They have a good number of those around. Those are in Le Mans trim (the number 64)

4 Mar 2008, 10:29, AU N EGL  = Notice there are no running place in class lights on this car.

It also has incorrect yellow mirrors. The #4 (and Le Mans #64) cars always have black mirrors and a black shade band on the windshield in order to aid in spotter differentiation with #3 and #63 (which has yellow mirrors and a red shade band). So the conclusion is, since all the former team race cars are accounted for, this is most likely C5R/C6R-012.

Finally this from Wayne Ellwood:

Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 8:41 PM
Subject: C6R “Mule” Sold to Bob Blain
I see that in the latest Corvette Magazine (page 14) the “mule for C6R is reported as being sold to a collector called Bob Blain, of Janesville (WI)”. They don’t say if this is C6R-012 or any other car but it’s a small piece of info that we need to collect and consider.
For the moment, I suspect it should be “penciled-in” against C6R-012. Yes?


C6.R Show Car at the Indy 500 Race 2005 – Five Ismael Gonzalez Photos

Above – 2005-05-28 – Indianapolis 500 Chevrolet Display – C6.R Show Car – Although I didn’t discover until 2007 that C5/6R-012 was not the only show car, Ismael Gonzalez, friend and Corvette Expert Extraordinaire, shot these pix of the second known show car clear back in 2005. Amazingly, the VIN 1G1YY12G4X5100054 translates into a very early C-5 (NOT C-6) prototype – a 1999 Fixed Roof Coupe! Rather than scrapping the unsellable prototypes, apparently they made them into show cars for the Corvette Race Team.

C6.R Show Car at Petit Le Mans 2005

Above – 2005-10-01 – Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta – C6.R Show Car – chassis number NOT verified. Note that it does NOT have the “National Corvette Museum” sticker nor the heavy metal “C6R” cast emblem on the front fender.

C6.R Show Car at Mid-Ohio 2007

Above – 2007-07-20 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – C6.R Show Car – Another shocker – a very authentic looking C6.R to the casual observer. 

Above – 2007-07-20 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – C6.R Show Car – An Ethanol sticker has been added in front of the “3” on the door. Goin’ green. 

Above – 2007-07-20 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – C6.R Show Car – It does differ from the 2007 race cars, like fewer strakes in the diffuser and no A/C provision, for example. 

Above – 2007-07-20 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – C6.R Show Car – The big mystery was opening the door to find that there was no Chassis Number plate like shown for C5R-012/C6R-012 at the top of the page!?!?! 

Above – 2007-07-20 – ALMS at Mid-Ohio – C6.R Show Car – The real shocker for me at the time was to discover that it is not C5R-012/C6R-012 at all, but rather it has an engraved VIN number 1G1YY22G9Y50004EX near the base of the left side windshield wiper indicating that it started life as an early 2000 C-5 (NOT C-6) Targa Coupe experimental (EX) car!!  A Chevrolet marketing rep at the scene told me that more than one of these C6.R show cars had been built from early non-race test cars. I was glad to hear from Ismael Gonzalez that he had found another one back in 2005 as noted earlier on this page. He also sent the note below.

2008-02 – A quote from an email forwarded from a GM marketing person:

“Chevy owns two (C6.R) “show cars” that have been on our racing display rigs for the past 3  years.  We have two identical rigs that go all over the country.  I don’t have the VIN’s but it would make sense for them to be C5’s because of when they were built.  The cars do run (I think) but have some generic small block in them.  They were built by the GM show car staff to replicate as close as possible the C6.R, but to the detailed person, there are lots of discrepancies.  Anyway, those two cars still exist, and are going to be on the road again all this year.”


C5-R Show Car:
VIN 1G1YY12G9X510005 – Decode: 1—X=Fixed Roof Coupe 1999

C6.R Show Car 1
C5R-012 chassis renumbered as C6R-012 – C6.R Test Mule then Show Car

C6.R Show Car 2
VIN 1G1YY12G4X5100054 – Decode: 1—X=
Fixed Roof Coupe 1999

C6.R Show Car 3
VIN 1G1YY22G9Y50004EX – Decode: 2—Y= Targa Coupe 2000

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