Cars and Trucks Owned  – Then and Now

Corvette – Ours

Corvette – Racing

Corvette – Timeline


Santa – Yes, He Drives a Corvette!



3D Printing – A new thing, making parts with modern technology

Mag Steer – A new thing, but not active

Model Cars – Kit Building and Diecast Collecting

Radio Controlled Model Cars

Railroad Models


Slot Cars


New England – 2001

California – 2002

Alaska – 2014

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  1. hi dave,
    cool site and i know you will not remember me. my name is michael hess and i was in indianapolis from 68 to 72 when i got into rc cars. i helped bob stevens with a midwest race on the west side of indianapolis in 70(i think) then helped bob get the rc car club started in indy. my first car race was the nationals on citizenshipt’s parking lot with a heathkit. what an experience. i do not know if you know that rick davis passed away recently. a great midwest racer and international racer too. anyway if i can be of any help with your history of the midwest series i will be glad to. take care and be safe

    • Hi Michael, Good to hear from you. I did see on Facebook about Rick Davis’ passing, we have lost a lot of the old Midwest Series folks from back in the day. I am always looking for pictures from the early days, do you have any from the 1970 Nationals in Westfield? I was managing the Series and racing that weekend and didn’t get any pictures. It is amazing to me that the Midwest Series is still going after 50 plus years! Regards, DAVID

  2. Dave: My name is Roy Ferguson, I worked with Bill Eichorn and Jerry Bentley to get a 1/50 scale license to make I.H. 5600i with Conrad in Germany. Models were update to 7000 series later. We started in 1998 as I remember.
    I was operating a diecast business in Manchester, Iowa at the time, I sold out in 2014.
    Just saying HI.

    • Hey Roy, Good to hear from you. Conrad did some nice models. I am sorry to say that Bill Eichhorn passed away unexpectedly about 6 years ago, it was a real blow to friends and family. I will be with Jerry Betley on August 9th and 10th in Fort Wayne for the First Annual Harvester Homecoming. I am taking over 50 of my model trucks, many of them prototypes never before shown in public. I can send you pictures from the display if you are interested, send me an email at – my first name @ my last name dot com. Are you doing any models now? Thanks for writing. David

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