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C6 – Corvette Generation Six

– Inside Job? –

Oct 10, 2012 – In looking through my files doing some C7 research, I came across the pix below. They were sent to a forum in the day by 'JuJuBee' and were the first pix that gave some real hints about the looks of the upcoming Corvette Sixth Generation. 'JuJuBee' was either a GM insider or very close to one. Although they look a bit crude now, at that time confirming things like open headlights was VERY BIG news.


Above – February 15, 2003 – A rough idea of what was coming.

Above – February 26, 2003 – The pictures that shook the Corvette world. Big front intake grille, door 'handle' slot, open headlights, more creases and bigger side cove were confirmed.

Above – The real thing for comparison.

Above – March 8, 2003 – Someone found the C5 photo on which the yellow car above was based. It made a good comparison, also.

– Spy Pix –

Above – April 28, 03 Jim Dunne scored the first C6 spy shots and AutoWeek published them. 

Above – May 2, 2003 – First good look at the creased front fender. The voluptuous C5 curves were gone. 

Above – This pix first seen Nov 12 but said to have been taken July 23, 2003

Above – We first saw the entire body shape without camo, and got a hint of a high performance model to come with rear fender flares. 

Above – November 16, 2003 – Two pix caught during a GM publicity photo shoot by Benjamin Kopf IV of San Francisco and contributed to He gets the BIG prize for the first shots of the final version!

Above – December 5, 2003 – Even Hot Wheels got in on the act. This pic hit there website before announcement day. It was pulled but not before it was found and widely posted.

Above – December 21, 2003 – First complete look 

Above – On Sunday evening, January 4, 2004 at 7:00 pm, the 2005 Corvette was officially announced to the world.

Spy Pictures – 2006 Corvette Z06

Above – June 20, 2004 – A closer shot the same day. The first look at the fender flares.

Above – October 19, 2004 – Two Z06 test mules. Lots of details to ponder.

Above – First released November 9, 2004 – Then, on November 10, 2004, GM asked several commercial sites to remove this picture. Must be important.

Above – On Sunday evening, January 10, 2005 the 2006 Corvette Z06 was officially announced to the world.

Spy Pictures – 2009 Corvette ZR1

Above – 2007-04-25 – A very early test car; probably a lot earlier than the date I have on the picture.

Above 3 pix – 2007-02-22 – A  kid that apparently worked for a shipping company not only posted these pix on the web, he actually bragged about taking the car for a spin. Major troubles ensued. (The blue brakes are the real thing, the wheels are not.)

Above – 2008-01-14 – A pic from the first ZR1 to be sold – Barrett Jackson auction. Selling an EX car? Turned out to be a stand-in car, not the actual production car sold.

Above – 2007-10-19 – Above 3 pix from Laguna

Above – December 19, 2007 – Official announcement day for the 2009 Corvette ZR1.

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