Corvette Models

By: David Palmeter 

Above  – Picture taken November 1, 2005 – A 1:8 scale 1965 Corvette built from a  Monogram kit.

Above – November 1, 2005 – The color is somewhere between the above two photos (both shot at the same place on the same day – the first on normal setting, the second on macro).

Above – November 1, 2005 – After being built as an unpainted blue plastic display model by a friend, he sold it to me and I converted it to a nitro-powered racer. It ran a couple of races in the Radio Operated Auto Racing (ROAR) sanctioned Midwest Series 70.

Above – November 1, 2005 – The patriotic rear fender stripes were added well after the end of its racing career to cover up racing damage. 

Above – November 1, 2005 – Genuine cast aluminum wheels – radio controlled car items.

Above – November 1, 2005 – The ugly truth. It was dummied up for use in a “Scale” education display (1:8 to 1:220 scales were demonstrated. 

Above – November 1, 2005 – More of the ugly truth. I do NOT like to have models that are not on display. This one, however, is too big for any available space so it was in a cabinet for so long that the resident spider starved to death. Note the racing damage under the front grille surround.

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