Corvette Models

By: David Palmeter 

Corvette Stingray Racer

Above – 10-29-2002 – Photo from Paul at Mr Fury Miniature Motors. The cars are 1/25th scale built models from Scale Dreams – long since out of business. The driver was not included.

Above – 10-29-2002 – A vacuum formed Stingray slot car body in 1/25th scale. It was probably done in the ’60’s. Bill Landis told me in recent years that he and David Sporaso used this body as the master for their resin body that they did in the ’80’s.

Above – 10-29-2002 – The model above, built by Gary McNutt and first shown at the 2002 Toledo NNL, was based on the Bill Landis and David Sporaso resin model mentioned above. Gary said the model required extensive work to better define the fenders and to correct dimensional errors.

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