Corvette Timeline

The Future of Corvette Development
C6 – Corvette Generation Six
– Speculation Published in Magazines –

C6 Corvette Speculation – MOTOR TREND September, 2000 issue

C6 Corvette Speculation – ROAD & TRACK April, 2001 issue

C6 Corvette Speculation – CAR and DRIVER July, 2002 issue

C6 Corvette Speculation – ROAD & TRACK August, 2002 issue

C6 Corvette Speculation – AutoWeek Unknown issue

AutoWeek OnLine 20:04:35 Oct. 15, 2002 had an extensive story to go with these pictures

C6 Corvette Speculation – MOTOR TREND April, 2003 issue

Amazingly similar to the “ROAD & TRACK April, 2001 issue” art shown further up the page

C6 Corvette Speculation – AutoWeek


Above 04-28-03  – The AutoWeek on line speculation based on their release of the Jim Dunne spy photos.

C6 Corvette Speculation – Car Preview #41 Issue

Above – Found on the news stand June 2, 2003

C6 Corvette Speculation – ChroomenVlammen (Chrome & Flames) Magazine November, 2003 Issue

Above – 09-08-03 – From CorvetteForum – a European speculation about the C6.

Above – 09-10-03 – The ChroomenVlammen convertible version.

C6 Corvette Speculation – MOTOR TREND January, 2004 issue

Above – November 20, 2003 – On CNBC the above January, 2004 issue cover shot of the C6 was shown briefly at the beginning of a story about the Motor Trend “Car of the Year” (a Toyota).

Above – November 27, 2003 – These are the pictures from the January, 2004 issue. Motor Trend was the victim of bad timing when they released these pictures just after the San Francisco spy photos. Several details were already known to be wrong.

C6 Corvette Speculation – ROAD & TRACK January, 2004 issue

Above – December 3, 2004 – Road & Track did some artwork on a Nurburgring spy shot and came up with some wrong conclusions also.

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