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C6 – Corvette Generation Six
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Waterford Hills

Above – September 21, 2003 – Stills and a montage from a video that shows two C6 test cars hot lapping what is reported to be the Waterford Hills race track near Detroit in late August, 2003.

Second GM C6 Photo

Above – September 27, 2003 – This is said to be a picture taken during C6 pilot build at the Corvette plant at Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Third GM C6 Photo

Above – October 2, 2003 – On page 34 of the November(?), 2003 Car & Driver magazine is this photo of what is said to be a C6 headlight shown behind GM North America president Gary Cowger. The date and location of the photo were not identified but since it is a “Brenda Priddy & Co.” photo, I would assume it was not intended by GM for public release. Someone apparently shot it without permission during a speech.

Pix from Germany

Above – October 13, 2003 – From the German web site .

More from Germany

Above – October 14, 2003 – The Car Connection had this one from Brenda Priddy.

More Pix from Germany

Above – October 20, 2003 – From AutoWeek – first partial look at uncovered headlights.

Another from Germany

Above – October 22, 2003 – Car and Driver had this one online.

Yet another from Germany

Above – November 3, 2003 – A C6 apparently being unloaded for testing in Europe. Shot by Aaron Lupton and posted September 27, 2003 on

Most Revealing Yet!!

Above – November 12, 2003 – These were said to have been taken July 23, 2003 at an unidentified location. 

Above – November 12, 2003 – This one has been lightened to show the exhaust and back up lights(?) better.

The Real Thing!!

Above – November 16, 2003 – Pix caught during a GM publicity photo shoot by Benjamin Kopf IV of San Francisco and contributed to He gets the BIG prize for the first shots of the final version!

Specifications from the Spies

Click here for the November 23, 2003 spec info release and commentary that was previously on this page.

Hot Wheels

Above – December 4, 2003 – Hot Wheels breaks cover with the first art released to the public by someone who has actually seen the car (pic probably NOT released with GM approval, however).

Above – December 13, 2003 – Hot Wheels is apparently going to do a cartoon version also. Might be the first good look at the actual grille and headlight design. Also – check that creased roof!

Above – December 13, 2003 – Quote: (pic probably NOT released with GM approval, however). Just after I found the second Hot Wheels pic both of them disappeared from the Mattel web site and were replaced by the statement above. 

Minutiae (mi no’oshee e’e  – plural noun – small details: small or trivial details)

Above – December 19, 2003 – In the never-ending search to uncover every scrap possible, here are two more scraps. The first is, according to sources,  the new C6 logo. The second is a shot from a new Chevy ad campaign with, what is reported to be, a C6 on the front of a car carrier (see Kopf car carrier photo shoot up several places). Honest, I don’t make this stuff up.


Above – December 21, 2003 – Reported to be a press photo thumbnail – looks a lot like the Hot Wheels art – enjoy!!?? 


Above – December 21, 2003

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