When our Event Chairman Don asked if Judy and I would do a club open house in 2010, we pleaded for more time to get ready, so he put us on the 2011 schedule. We selected Saturday August 20, 2011 and decided to move the usual 2 to 4 pm open house time back to 7 to 9 pm so that all my hours of lighting the buildings could be enjoyed. With more than a year to prepare, it should have been a pushover to have it all ready – right? Well, not with my blatant optimism. I carved out enough projects to keep me busy for two lifetimes. Fortunately, the projects concerning running trains and lighting buildings did get finished. Others did not.

Below are some "day of" setup activities, recorded by Judy. "Gosh, Doc my knees and back have been really bothering me lately; I can't imagine why……"



Andy Chester pictures below.

And some pix from Bud Hunter:

And a whole pile of pix that I took the next day HERE.


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