December 17, 2012 – We wanted to do a drawing of the DreamStang but those talents don't exist in the family so:

 We found a 1:24 scale die cast kit that was a good place to start on the 2007 DreamStang:

 Into the acetone paint stripper it went, the first layer fell right off:

 The bottom layer took some serious chemicals:

During the stripping wait time, the shark fin wing was built (yes, the posts were straightened out):

A coat of primer:

A hood scoop from the parts box was widened and more teeth added:

The required 'real fire flames' were made from a stretched picture of an actual fire found on the internet. Decals were made and tested on a 'played-with' black diecast; it was determined that white decal paper had an annoying white outline. Clear decal paper was used for the final set. Also, this car was used to test red tape stripes but it was decided that painted stripes would look much better:

The formerly red car got a fresh coat of, you guessed it, red paint:

Then the stripes were laid out:


And the bumpers were covered with masking tape:

Then the whole thing got a black paint job:


December 29, 2012 – The fun part, pulling off the masking tape:

Gettin' close, the finished DreamStang is HERE.

In case you missed it, the original plan is HERE.

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