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2011 News

2011-09-19 – This is my tawdry past, all the current news is on the Home page.

2011-09-09 – Cleaning up some pages before the conversion. Added my opinion on an important topic.

2011-09-08 – Because of the move to WordPress software, not much has been updated lately. Since the move has to be done by October, 2011, things will get underway soon. I did finally have some response from folks that wanted to see their fave pieces retained. Probably will………

2011-05-22 – With major help, built the new Club website.

2011-05-01 – Building a new Club website.

2011-04-27 – Model Railroad Page 4 – The Passenger Station is undergoing a major facelift.

2011-03-09 – Model Railroad Page 13a – The Engine House project is back underway.

2011-01-01 – Model Railroad Page 26 – The RBRBB project is underway.

2010 News

2010-12-20 – Mag Steer Index – Creative….

2010-12-11 – Some info added about actual replicas being built of the 1954 Corvair.

2010-10-24 – Model Railroad Page 24 – It is just a utility cabinet for the railroad, but it is also art!

2010-10-24 – Model Railroad Page 18 – The Cafe is open.

2010-10-12 – Model Railroad Index – A Lot that is  New

2010-10-11 – Model Railroads Page 16 – The Church is dedicated

2010-09-20 – Model Railroads Page 16 – A Church to Feed the Soul

2010-08-09:Added the Corvette 2010 Activities page.

2010-05-31:What is a pin nailer?

2010-04-24:Having watched the FIA GT1 World Championship live, and been inspired by the performance of the Corvette teams, I have again updated my C6.R page.

2010-03-28:A little history and Farmer Cyrus takes a ride.

2010-03-22:The "Too Many Rules Railroad" has been found!!

2010-02-06:The "Too Many Rules Railroad" has disappeared!!

2010-02-06:Update to C6.R page.

2010-02-04:A fantastic "behind the scenes" video of the the 1960 Corvette entry at Le Mans.

2009 NEWS

2009-12-27:Incredible fall colors here.

2009-12-27:Some updates to the 1954 Corvair pages.

2009-12-19:The HP is here but I moved the web maintenance to my laptop. This is a test.

2009-11-30: On a brighter note, the Santa Train – 2009 is here!!

2009-11-22:The Dell crashed AGAIN, this machine has now eaten 7 hard drives!! That's it, I'm looking at HP's. (Update, just bought an HP.)

2009-10-21: A story to remember on the Too Many Rules Railroad.

2009-05-27: Real progress on the Too Many Rules Railroad.

2009-04-16: Where were you in '62?

2009-04-16: Added an excellent chart of Ferrari F-1 cars through the ages.

2009-01-30: Still building the web site for our local model train club. What do you think now?

2008 NEWS                

2008-12-26: Serious updates to the C6R-007 and C6R-008 pages.

2008-12-20: Cleaning house on my web site – the C-6 spy picture stuff is greatly reduced. Some personal information has also been removed. Some links below may no longer work.

2008-11-10: Started a web site for our local model train club. What do you think?

2008-10-22: Added some rare pictures of the Mexican Road Race 1954 Corvette. The "at speed" three-quarter front and the three-quarter rear shots were from guide sheets that came with model car decals produced by Fred Cady (now retired). The rest were from sources long since forgotten.

2008-08-09: Another of my way too many hobbies documented –  model railroads!

2008-05-06: 1954 Corvair replica update with pictures!

2008-03-06: Very rare pix added to the C5-R Chassis History page.

2008-02-25: Serious updates to the C6.R Chassis Number pages.

2008-02-16: Updates to the C6.R Chassis Number pages.

2008-02-10: 1954 Corvair replica update.

2008-01-02: Updates to one of my favorites HERE.

2008-01-01: Happy New Year!!

2007 NEWS                

2007-11-23: Yes, there was a Corvair way back in 1954 and there may be a new one in 2008!!

2007-11-02: The very rare and difficult to capture C5R-012/C6R-012 documented!!

2007-10-27: Updated and corrected C5R-005 and C5R-006

2007-10-06: Added C6-GT2 Cars

2007-09-23: Another white Corvette added HERE.   

2007-07-24: A dream come true! A visit to automotive heaven.

2007-07-04: A 4th of July to remember!

2007-06-25:The Dell crashed again, replaced one drive and the power supply. This machine has now eaten 6 hard drives!! Why do I keep it? I have too much invested to go down another path.

2007-03-17: Big surprise at Sebring!!!

2007-02-28: "Twin Doors Raceway is up and running after being relocated to new digs.

2007-02-17:Newly built chassisC6R-005 and  C6R-006  pages added.

2007-02-05:February, 2007 and no updates? Must still be unpacking boxes.

2006 NEWS                

2006-12-22: We are in the new house! Final page updated. Send us an email for the address.

2006-11-26: The Racing GT page for 2006 has been finalized.

2006-11-02: The Cruise!

2006-09-15: Some consolidation of the C5-R pages. C5R-004 finally gets its own page.

2006-09-14: New C6R-001 pix from Europe. 

2006-08-29: The Racing GT page for 2006 has been updated. Aston Martin still leads.

2006-08-24: Pictures added to the 1962 Corvette Le Mans page.

2006-08-13: Check out the 1938 International D-300.

2006-07-20: Updates for our retirement cottage pages. Email for the address.

2006-07-16: New pages started for our retirement cottage. Email for the address.

2006-07-10: Dates and layout corrected for the C5R-010 page.

2006-06-20: More Corvette Racing C5-R and C6.R information has been added.

2006-06-19: Added some info to the 1963 Grand Sport pages.

2006-06-18: The Racing GT page for 2006 has been updated. Aston Martin leads.

2006-06-18: The FWCC Nashville trip has been added to the 2006 activities page.

2006-04-21: The 2006 activities page has been launched.

2006-04-09: A Racing GT page for 2006 has been started, modestly called "The 2006 World Grand Touring Championship". The 2005 version met with general approval, so I am at it again.

2006-03-09: More Corvette Racing C5-R and C6.R information has been added.

2006-03-03: More Corvette Racing C5-R information has been added and some C6.R information started.

2006-01-01: Happy New Year!!

2005 NEWS

2005-12-23: A major chunk of the C5-R Information Index, the Serial Number History and all its many connecting links, are back.

2005-11-02: Some of the C5-R Information Index is back.

2005-10-28: More model cars from my youth – 50 or more years ago!

2005-09-23: Enough ranting – on to fun stuff. Check out the ACD weekend pix for some truly strange cars and parts.

2005-09-20: The Western Digital drives from Dell arrived on about September 12. Even though Dell made no offer to have the drives installed, I accepted the resolution to my BBB complaint. Now I can spend endless hours finding out why the system won't shutdown until I end the IEXPLORE.EXE program several times and why clicking on a hyperlink in an email now locks up the computer and several other nasty new problems that apparently resulted from the latest Dell – Maxtor crash.

2005-09-08: The Dell rep called as promised and left a message that she was sending two Western Digital drives. That leaves some big questions unanswered but since they are making the gesture, I will wait to see what happens.

2005-09-07: Dell called in response to the BBB complaint and offered to send (not install?) one hard drive of a brand different than Maxtor. I said that if they were agreeing that Maxtor was not mandatory, I wanted two new Seagate drives in order to reduce the likelihood of future failures. The Dell rep said she would get back to me.

2005-09-06: Still cleaning up the mess from our SECOND MAJOR CRASH of a Maxtor hard drive on my 10 month old Dell 8400. The proposed Dell solution was a third Maxtor hard drive. Dell is now being asked to respond to a Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint for a long list of reasons. If you have a Dell full of Maxtor hard drives, or are considering buying one, you may be interested in following along. In the mean time, Back Up your system FREQUENTLY!

2005-08-22: SECOND MAJOR CRASH of a Maxtor hard drive on my 10 month old Dell 8400. My last backup was two weeks ago so some important family pictures and other items are gone forever.

2005-07-28: A second 2005 activities page has been started.

2005-07-07: Added has been an update to the slot pages chronicling the slot track timing upgrades.

2005-07-06: A Racing GT page has been added. I miss the good ol' days in the '50's and '60's when there was a single World GT Championship, so I created a way to score several similar events as one series. What do you think?

2005-06-23: The 2005 activities page has been updated again with more pictures and witty captions.

2005-05-26: The 2005 activities page has been updated with pictures and witty captions.

2005-05-16: Most of the crash mess is cleaned up but some stuff will never be the same. My grandchildren will get a big laugh out of the stories about how user-UNfriendly the 2005 computers were.

2005-05-02: Still cleaning up the mess from last week's crash of a Maxtor hard drive in my 7 month old Dell 8400. Fortunately I had a backup only a couple of days old of everything EXCEPT my email files. Friends and family, please send me an email so I can get your email address back into the address book.

2005-04-02: If you would like to see the engine of a restored 1960 Corvette – one of the first to race at Le Mans – click here

2005-02-07: Fifty years ago today I got my first driver's license. 50!

2005-02-04: I have made several 2005 plans. Here's one – the Fort Wayne Corvette Club has a new webmaster so I have returned to my roots and taken over the FWCC "Fiberglass Herald" newsletter. Why? Because I like doing newsletters. Can you imagine? Click here for a sample (requires Adobe Reader).

2005-01-01: Happy New Year – I haven't made all my 2005 plans yet. I have, however, decided to change my dating method once more. It is now YYYY-MM-DD for better sorting. 


11-01-04: The rebuild is virtually complete. PLEASE let me know if I still have missing pictures or unlinked pages. 

10-25-04: Progress is being made on the rebuild. Click "Index" above and try your favorite category to see if it is back yet.

10-18-04: NOTE! NOTE!! NOTE!!! NOTE!!!! – Remember that overhaul that I kept promising to do? Wellll, now I have no choice. Bear with me, it will all be back eventually.

10-15-04: NOTE! NOTE!! NOTE!!! – I recently changed to a new web host and will use the opportunity to overhaul the site (finally)! Some pages will not be available for a while but the link addresses will generally NOT change. Keep them bookmarked as is and check back occasionally. If you are particularly interested in a page that is missing, email me and I will put it higher on the redo list.

6-15-04: My e-address is being removed from individual pages and put here: Contact Info. Spammers are the most irritating people on Earth – and apparently the smartest, since no one has figured out how to stop them.

4-7-04: AND – a major advance in the Slot Car section – an actual INDEX 

3-23-04: FINALLY – a major advance in the Corvette Racing section – an actual INDEX to all the Corvette Racing pages!!!

1-13-04: Losing this home page has forced the issue – I am doing some updating to reorganize this web site.

1-1-04: This year I REALLY AM going to reorganize this web site – maybe.

November 23, 2003: Continuously updating speculation on the 2005 Corvette (C6 – the next generation).  There are now 10's of thousands of hits on the various pages. Click here for an index to the C6 or click here to go directly to the latest Spy Photos and Specifications

August 13, 2003: The Fort Wayne Corvette Club Home Page was accidentally combined with this home page for about two hours due to the ham-fisted methods used by the web master of both. If you got the wrong page book marked you can click here for the FWCC Contents page. SORRY for the inconvenience. David

5-31-03: Big debut on the Red Neck Racing Circuit….

5-5-03: As if maintaining one web site isn't enough, I am now web master for the Fort Wayne Corvette Club

2-28-03: Continuously updating speculation on the Next Generation Corvette  – have over 5000 total hits on this page! 

2-11-03: All the important pages are up and running. Let me know if a book marked favorite has disappeared or has a dead link.

2-3-03: 5 PM – Got a new web host and we are running again!! If you EVER consider getting or changing a domain registrar or web host, I would be happy to let you in on what I learned the hard way! It's a jungle out there.

1-28-03: DISASTER!! My web crashed and, through at least gross negligence, with strong hints of criminal intent, my old web host tried to sign me up without my permission for a new, more expensive account so I could access my web site again.

1-1-03: This year I AM going to reorganize this web site – probably.

11-20-02: The Western Tour – Press Release section:
                    We even got coverage in some big time magazines!

11-13-02: Not making much progress on the 3 week Western Tour – well, okay, a sneak preview:
                    A few shots

11-6-02: Added some Corvette Assembly Plant pictures to better illustrate Our Delivery.

10-31-02: Updated speculation on the Next Generation Corvette

10-5-02: Corvette Racing updates –  1960 Le Mans Corvette

8-24-02: Back from the big California adventure – 5621.8 miles – still sorting 1700 pics!

5-13-02: Web Site Philosophy added below

1-1-02: New Year name change – It is DAVID (not Dave) forevermore

Web Site Philosophy 

There is stuff all over the place – use your browser back button – but NOTE – I did add a navigation bar to the top of this page and it will be put on all as I bring them back. Site Map? You gotta be kidding. This site is a test! An adventure!

Adventure Mountain


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