David and Judy’s Senior Moment

Still drivin’ after all these years

The seventh year – 2007 Activities

Above – 2007-January 10 to March 10 – Cold storage while the garage at the new house is prepared.

Above – 2007-03-11- Finally, comfy in the new digs!

Above – 2007-06 – The first big trip since we moved. A 1450-mile trip across the Allegany mountains to visit family and tour Yorktown, Williamsburg, Tangier Island and Jamestown on their 400th anniversary. We got off the Interstate and took the fantastic US 60 route through most of West Virginia. What a TRIP!!

Above – 2007-07-04 – Our new neighborhood has 119 homes, 5 Corvettes and, incredibly, 3 of those Corvettes are 2001 models!! Even more astounding is the fact that those 3 are red, white and blue!!! So what do you do on the 4th of July? You polish them up, grab your flags and drive around the neighborhood with horns blowing and the stereo blasting the “Star Spangled Banner”.

Above – 2007-07-04 – On the second lap we were joined by a family wagon, but they had a little trouble keeping up!

Above – 2007-07-21 – Mid-Ohio Corvette Corral for the American Le Mans Series.

Above – 2007-07-24 – White with blue racing stripes – I love it!

Above – 2007-07-24 – Yes, it is our car in the company of an actual 1963 Corvette Grand Sport. Check ‘Automobile Quarterly’ Volume 47 Number 3 for the story that I wrote about this multi-million dollar collection..

Above – 2007-10-27 – On my “Annual Gratuitous Consumption of Fossil Fuels Tour in Search of Scenic Fall Vistas”, I made some interesting discoveries…..

Above – 2007-10-27 – …the first of which was that there wasn’t much color in the Fishers municipal compound…

……but a photo of Fishers finest and my State Police license was a must…

……however, the most important photo in our new stomping grounds, has to be the old Hamilton County Courthouse…

……also, we need a photo by the neighboring lakelet..

……and finally, about two blocks from home, the best fall colors found.

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