David and Judy's Senior Moment

Still drivin' after all these years

The ninth year – 2009 Activities

Above – 2009-07-18 – Back to the Keeneland Concours, Lexington, Kentucky. 

Above – 2009-08-16 – And, after several years layoff, back to the Corvette Corral at Road America.

Above – 2009-08-17 – Lined up for the Corvette, BMW and Porsche parade laps at Road America.

Above – 2009-08-17 – And, courtesy of the folks in front of us, this pic and the next two.

Above – 2009-08-17 – Heading into corner 6.

Above – 2009-08-17 – A great shot coming into corner 5. Thanks, folks!

Above – 2009-10-18 – This year's "Annual Gratuitous Consumption of Fossil Fuels Tour in Search of Scenic Fall Vistas", started at  Fort Benjamin Harrison, back in the woods….

Above – 2009-10-18 – …then deeper in the woods….

Above – 2009-10-18 – …and, finally, back out by the Officers housing area.

Above – 2009-10-18 – The next stop was our own Forest Park in Noblesville.

Above – 2009-10-18 – But, once again, after 75 miles of gratuitous fuel consumption, the most colorful array was two blocks from our house! But it was a great trip, regardless. 

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