Some more places to go in the Corvette, still having fun

The tenth year – 2010 Activities

In May of 2009, I learned that our local dealer participated in the Chevrolet Dealer Corvette and Camaro Customer Appreciation Day held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the day before the Indianapolis 500. I made sure that I was on the invitation list for the May 29, 2010 event. For reasons identified below, Judy chose not to go. However, grandson Kyle was much easier to convince.


Above – That is our white car, halfway back in the middle row sandwiched between two red cars.


Above – Shined up and ready.

Above – Following a red C-5.


Above – Kyle found one he liked. Not a Corvette, but not bad.


Above – Since the event started at the dealership, we had a caravan to the Speedway. Kyle did some great pictures.


Above – Not just any caravan, but one with multiple police escorts. Here is a sheriff doing a high speed hopscotch.


Above – Just tryin’ to keep up……….


Above – Then, we got to play like AJ on the Speedway, but I think he went a little faster. We have just entered on the middle of the backstretch, the traffic in turn 3 is still tight.


Above – Look right down in front of the hood, that is the yard of bricks at the finish line, Kyle timed the shot perfectly. And look, the traffic jam from the Turn 3 has cleared. Turns 1 and 2 were really fun.


Above – Chevrolet introduced us to Robin Roberts, the Camaro Pace Car driver.


Above – And speaking of the Pace Car, here it is; and look, who are those handsome gentleman finishing off their barbeques and listening to the speakers?


Above – After dinner, a look at the outdoor displays, then a complimentary tour of the Speedway Museum. Grandpa looks a little more excited about the 1957 Corvette SS than Kyle.


Above – At the end of the day, what did Kyle think? Let’s ask him……


Above – 2010-07-17 – Showing once again at the Keeneland Concours, Lexington, Kentucky. 



Above – 2010-08-07 – An Open House with the Indiana Large Scale Railroaders at the Brock’s excellent garden railroad. Picture courtesy Bud Hunter. 

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