MagDragster [MD-Golf01] Parts List

From the Mag Dragster Web Site

Recommended and needed parts for all setups (Mag Car, Slot Car and RC car)
1 x MagDragster [MD-Golf01] Chassis1 x Tamiya Body (VW Golf Racing Group 2 – #24008)
2 x Front Wheels: ScaleAuto 26,5mm x 8mm (3mm axle)
2 x Rear Wheels: ScaleAuto 26,5 x 10mm (3mm Axle)
2 x MagDragster Knuckles [Golf Mk1 Chassis]
1 x Rear gear
1 x pinion gear
1 x Axle (3mm)
2 x Front Axle, 3mm axle or 3mm screws (front wheels)
2 x Bearings for 3mm Axle, 6mm outer diameter.
1 x Li-Po 2S 7.4V Battery. List of batteries

Brushed or brushless setup? List of motors

1 x Motor – Brushed motor type 130 can. (Mabuchi)
1 x 10A Brushed ESC With Brake for MagDragster Car
2 x TSRF TSC17 Motor mounting screw – 2mm stainless steel flat head (Screws for the brushed Motor 130 Can with mounting holes. Please note: not all 130 motor cans have mounting holes)

1 x brushless motor type 2030. List of motors
1 x Brushless ESC

Slot Car parts
1 x MagDragster Slot Guide Mount
1 x Slot car pick up guide.
2 x motor wires

RC Car parts
1 x Mini Receiver
1 x Transmitter
1 x Mini ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
1 x Battery
1 x Servo – Turnigy™ MX-96E Digital Sub Micro Servo (Dimensions: 18×7.9×16.8mm)