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By: David Palmeter 

My First Contest Winner!!

1961 Chevrolet


 Above – My first contest winner! A First Place Senior Award in a Model Contest held by Woolworth’s 5&10 in Ashland, Kentucky in about 1962.

 – 1961 Chevrolet convertible custom
– Front and rear molded roll pans
– AMT Candy Green paint over a Gold base


 Above – Complete with a 6-carb mouse motor in a copper engine compartment….


…..and, of course, a copper, gold and silver chassis (I grew up under severe Barris influence), as well as…..


…..the inevitable chrome reverse rims and, finally, the…..

 ……… ever popular custom interior from Mom’s sewing basket:

 – Corduroy tuck and roll

 – Very comfortable looking (?) balsa bucket seats with “leatherette” trim and gold thread piping

 – Gold Christmas wrapping paper door and console trim

 – Bent straight pin door handles and window cranks

– Felt carpet

– Assorted custom items from hot rod and custom kits

– Driver’s door cut open and permanently glued


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