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By: David Palmeter 

Above five pix – An Ertl 1:25 scale 1972 International 4200 that I converted to a 4300 by swapping the Cummins V903 for an International V800 and lengthening the hood. I used the decal stripes from the 4300 kit when it was released. All appropriate plumbing and most wiring was added – getting accurate detail information is made a lot easier when your job is in the place where these are engineered!

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  1. David, don’t know why I was looking at your site. It’s not like I don’t have anything to do. But I was wondering if Bill had any of the trucks Tom is looking for. I don’t or he could have them! I keep trying to reduce my numbers but after a few years, it seems they are all back…the numbers not the same trucks!

    Enjoyed looking back at some of the history of your youth. I can only remember building a Revell 55 or 56 convertible and sending it to California to a contest. Never heard a thing back. Guess I didn’t win. I know I learned a lot about the parts of engines and cars from the instructions. A few months back, I jsut finished “helping” obne of my grandsons build a F-150 like his dads. I got it with a Scout kit I bought. It was pretty fun to be able to make the exact decals from pictures with the new technology. I think I would have been better off jsut giving that truck away…it would have been cheaper in the long run.

    Thanks for the memories.

    • Hi Jerry,
      I am honored that you were looking at my site. I spend time just wandering through it myself, guess why I put it together.
      I sent Tom some info and he emailed back comments so I called him and left a message. I haven’t heard back. Concerning Bill’s collection, I am sure he has some of what Tom is looking for, but I have no idea how to broach the topic with Andy.

  2. Hi Dave,
    I don’t know if you remember me but I retired last year and I am trying to start a collection of IH trucks,FE and CE diecast and plastic models. I did not realize you were a driving force with Ertl. You did a great job! I am trying to collect models that mean something to me- especially trucks I drove during college-Transtar 400,Fleetstar 2000D, Loadstars, Transtar 4200 and 4070A.
    I am looking for these models, preferably 1/25 scale and complete.
    I am trying to assemble an 4200 kit- we will see how I do !
    Can you point me in the right direction?
    I did get a lot of R190/200 and KBs as well as recent models at my retirement parties but trying to round out with trucks I did drive. I still have my class A CDL and fill in for the field test group.
    Feel free to give me a call on 312-961-0248.
    Thank you so much. I know you still have an IH in your heart!
    Tom Cellitti

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