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1969 Camaro – Trans-Am Race Car – Penske Sunoco – Driven by Mark Donohue

The Model

Above – A 1969 Camaro that I modified from a Revell kit to represent a car that I saw Mark Donohue drive in the Trans-Am series at the Mid-Ohio race track in 1969. Model built in 1991, picture taken 2005-12.

Above – Fred Cady decals. They were unfortunately thin and light. The wheel color is more accurate. Did I get the wheels from Miniatures and Replicas of Maryland, mastered by Randy Derr? Prolly.

Above – The cross-ram, dual quad engine.

Above – Unfortunately, I was rather late to the “rubbing out the paint” party. Even if the paint wasn’t great, the vinyl top wasn’t bad. (Masking tape painted flat black.)

Above – Yes, they did race with some of the stock upholstery intact.

Above – The exhaust pipes are hung by magic invisible hangers.

Above – Didja ever try to apply Bare Metal Foil to cast in fuel and brake lines? I did – once!

Above – An earlier photo.

The Real Thing – I Was There!!

Above and Below – A scanned copy of a print from a 35mm picture shot of a projected Super 8mm movie that I made at the Trans-Am race at Mid-Ohio in 1969.

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