Merry Christmas – The Santa Train Returns!

December 25, 2013 – Even though the front porch, motion-controlled Santa Train layout was retired last year, The Santa Train is back!

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Have you chosen the fontage for the letterage on your signage? Did a simple and direct word like ‘sign’ really need a pompous alternative like ‘signage’? Is there any occasion when ‘sign’ or signs’ doesn’t work?

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Support Your Local Gazebo

So you have decided that your 12-sided, 1:24 scale gazebo needs to sit on a base that will allow the townfolk a better view of the Symphonic Quartet. And further, you want a stone base. How do you do that? Follow along HERE and find out in my 4-page tutorial, complete with smart aleck comments.

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2014 Corvette

The speculation is over; on January 17, 2013, Karen and I drove to the North American International Auto Show to see the newly announced 2014 Corvette – the first of the Seventh Generation of America's Sports Car. More HERE.

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A Special Day for Kyle

Our grandson Kyle leaves on Monday August 27, 2012 for Marine boot camp. On Monday August 13, 2012, we took a road trip in my Corvette to the Corvette Assembly Plant and to the Corvette Museum, both in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Before the plant tour, I mentioned to the tour people about Kyle's boot camp coming up, so they arranged for him to be the first to start a brand new 2013 Corvette 60th Anniversary Special Edition convertible on the assembly line, to do some some test procedures and to rev the engine. It was a great thrill for him (and for me).

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If you are taking a driver’s license test….


…..motor gently into the greasemud, for therein lies the skid demon.

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Seems Like a Lot of Fun

Teleportation through quantum entanglement. Here is the real fun part:
\sum_i \operatorname{Tr} \; (\rho \otimes \omega)(F_i \otimes \Psi_i ^*(O)) = \operatorname{Tr} \; \rho \cdot O.

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Deeper Meaning….

“Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of time and besides it annoys the pig.”
― Robert A. Heinlein

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Good one, Al….

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." – Albert Einstein

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“The Flatter Plate….

…the fewer the soup." (You can learn a lot from a Navy Cook Second Class.)

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