Acknowledged in his day as the guy, along with George Siposs, that finally got it going. His son said 1966.

Pit Stop Magazine

Vol. 1 No. 1
September, 1970
Pages 31-33, 41-42

An excerpt from:
By Don Dewey and Pat Crews

Norbert Meyer

During the same period of time that Charles Eckles was developing his car, Norbert Meyer was conducting similar experiments. With simple hand tools and nothing more sophisticated than an electric drill he modified toy cars then decided to scratch build his first RC vehicle. Using materials that ranged all the way from curtain rods, welding rods, sheet metal and wire of all sizes and shapes, he fashioned his early vehicles to a surprising degree of sophistication. He, too, developed a centrifugal clutch as well as pioneering the application of the two speed, shiftable gear box for RC usage, the breakaway concept of suspension, torsion bar springs, fiberglass chassis’, soft center steering, and the first workable electric car starter. ln 1967, Norb Meyer started Ra/Car Developments, a company which is truly the pioneer of our RC car industry. Theirs was the first commercially produced RC car and, later, produced the first commercially available car kit to be priced under $100.

Scan and Edit by David Palmeter July 18, 2022

Above – R/C auto racing pioneer Norb Meyer’s early Brawner Hawk with trophy won at Toledo R/ C Conference

Above – The Brawner-Hawk with body removed. Norb Meyer of Ra/Car developed two-speed axle and a torsion bar independent suspension system.

Comments – Bob Blair built the second car. Documentation?