The Purpose

The internet has brought a lot of information to our fingertips. Determining the validity of that information is a challenge; a statement can be made without proof and, can then be spread to many sites and become generally accepted as fact. My purpose with this index is to cite articles written back in the early days of radio controlled cars to document the real history. There are certainly other articles from back then and I would be grateful for anyone who can supply that information.



AW – Auto World
CM – Car Model
MCS – Model Car Science
MC&S – Model Car & Science
PS – Pit Stop
Qr (Ital) – Quattroruote (Italian)
R&CM – Rod & Custom Models

Month Year Publication & age(s) Article Author Comment
Oct 1964 R&CM  74-76   RC Big T Ken Balz Very Early Conversion
Nov 19 1965 Life 29 16″ Wen-Mac Mustang  Electric Motorized Promo Advertisement Had gas engine option w/ pylon Remote (not Radio) Control
Apr 1966 CM 68 1966 Hobby Show Coverage Staff Testors 16″ Mustang
June 1966 Qr (Ital) 194-195 Will Miniatures Drive with Big Ones? Edorado Massucci 1:12 El-Gi Ferrari 250LM
Jan 1967 AW  144-145 1967 Auto World Catalog – RC Cars for Sale Staff NAMCO & Testors
Feb 1967 MCS  38-45 Testor’s RC Car – Specs and Test Staff Also Boat & Plane
Mar 1967 CM  27-31 Revolution in Racing: Radio Control Tom Dion Elec Cars and a Racing Assn
Mar 1967 MCS 50-53 1:8 Gas Project Spencer Murray Tough Lessons
Apr 1967 CM 14-15 1:24 Scale RC Car (Classic Import, See Show Info) Staff Made  by Nichimo
    19-33 1967 Hobby Show – Testors Rerelease Oscar Koveleski Several Announcements
    51-55 Radio Control Part II Tom Dion Build an RC Car
Apr 1967 MCS  52-55 WenMac Electric Test Staff Servo Steering
    MCS Rear Cover Imai Kaguku Ad Agency 1:16 Mustang, 1:12 Aston Martin
Jun 1967 CM  22-24 Radio Control Part III Tom Dion Vac Form an RC Body
Jun 1967 MCS  18-21 A major development scratch RC car! Charles Eckles McCoy 35, Cox 15
Jul 1967 CM  45-47 RC Gas Cars – 14″ wb, 8.5″ track  wd Bill Sippel Air Cars – No Throttle
    75, 76 Radio Control Part IV Tom Dion Transmitter Explained
Aug 1967 CM  45-49 Radio Control Part V Tom Dion Build a Transmitter
Oct 1967 MC&S  32,33 Early RC Japanese Propo Steering George Siposs 1:15 Electric
Nov 1967 MC&S  20-25 RC Roundup – An extensive look at many of the early RC cars George Siposs Very Interesting – NAMCO, Ra/Car Announce
    73  R/C Signals Column w/ Norb Meyer Charlie Eckles  Great comparo w/Norb & Chas cars
Nov 1968 CM  35-37 R/C + GP Staff First 1/8 Gas Story!
Jul 1969 CM  44,45 R/C Hobbyist Dream George Siposs Overview 1/8 Gas ROAR
Sep 1969 CM  13-16 RC Roundup George Siposs Comprehensive Update
Dec 1969 CM  33 The R/C Scene George Siposs First RC Column
    45-48 Natl RC Championship 1969 George Siposs Calif (Ft Wayne mentioned)
Jan 1970 CM  20 The RC Scene George Siposs Genl RC Info
Feb 1970 CM  56,57 The RC Scene George Siposs Midwest Mention with Me!
Mar 1970 CM  52-53 The RC Scene George Siposs Getting Started in RC
Apr 1970 CM  17-22 Cox Buggy RC George Siposs Conversion
    56-57 The RC Scene George Siposs Genl Info
Jun 1970 CM  34 The RC Scene George Siposs Toledo & ME
Jul 1970 CM  41 The RC Scene George Siposs Series 70 & ME
Aug 1970 CM  10,11 The RC Scene George Siposs Indy Nats
Sep 1970 CM  44,45 Ito RC Scene Ken Ito Midwest Overview
Sep 1970 PS  18-22, 43-45 Ra/Car ‘Winnah’ Build and Test Staff Comprehensive Article
    31-33 History of RC Auto Racing – Excellent Rare Info Staff Early ’60’s Bill Johnson and ’65 Bill Eccles and Norb Meyers Cars
Oct 1970 MCS  50-53 RC Cars Update – Gas Powered George Siposs Available RC Gear
Oct 1970 CM  38-40 Ito RC Scene Ken Ito Car Overview
Nov 1970 CM  14-16 Ito RC Scene Ken Ito So ChiRace
Nov 1970 PS  4 From the Driver’s Seat Don Dewey & Pat Crews  1970 Indy Nationals
    15-19 1970 ROAR Nationals Don Schlensker Comprehensive Article and Pix
    38 Mark IV Ford, Orbit , RCE Body Staff Mistakenly called Roy Moody’s
Dec 1970 CM 12-14 Ito RC Scene Ken Ito 1970 Indy Nationals
    40-42 Schnell Car Ken Ito Nats Champ
Jan 1971 CM  12 Scale Talk Staff Auto World CanAm
    14-16 Ito RC Scene Ken Ito No. Chi Series
    17,18 RC Catalogs Staff 16 Free Catalogs
    22-28 Dynamic RC Car Bob Emott Detailed Analysis
    29-31 Associated RC Car Ken Ito Part I
    49 & 56 RC with DP David Palmeter My First!
    50,51 Bob Ballenger Car Ken Ito Nats Runnerup
    52,53 New RC Staff Latest Eqpt
Jan 1971 PS  5, 45-46 How ROAR Rules Moved to 3.5cc Ken Ito The .19/.20 Engines Were Illegal
    38-41 Midwest Series 70 Finale Staff Midwest Series First Ever Area Championship Winners
    41-45 1971 Midwest Series Rules Proposal Midwest Directors Became 1971 ROAR Rules
Feb 1971 CM  12-14 Ito RC Scene Ken Ito Series 70 Wrapup
    14 Assoc RC-1 Staff First RC-1 Ad
    32,33 Assoc RC-1 Ken Ito Feature Article
    47 Dave Bloom Car Ken Ito 1st Ever Series Winner
Mar 1971 CM  12,13,64 DP RC Scene David Palmeter Series 70 Wrap, 71 Schedule
    18 Dremel Award Staff Best RC Car
Apr 1971 CM  12 RC Scene Ken Ito Car Build
    PS  50 Associated Ad Loves 1971 ROAR Rules Agency They Had Argued Against a 5 Lb Weight Minimum
May 1971 CM  30-33 Series 71 East Staff First Race East
    38,39 Trade Show Staff New RC Items
    48,49,54,56 RC Scene David Palmeter Complete 1971Rules
Jun 1971 CM  20,21 RC Choice Ken Ito All Car Prices
    36 RC Tips Tom Malone Little Info
    42,43,53,54 RC Scene Ken Ito Build & Mfgs
Jul 1971 CM  17,57 RC Scene David Palmeter Toledo Show
    32 Transmitter Mods Tom Malone Orbit/Parma Combo
Jul 1971 MCS  54,55 Guide B Rule Complete
    56,58 Info GHusting Reliability
Aug 1971 CM  34-37 Associated Build Tom Malone Assem Details
    48,49,52,53 RC Scene Palmeter & Ito Race & Sell
Sep 1971 CM  32 MCE Options Bob Harris Car Upgrades
    48,49,54 RC Scene Ken Ito Sprint & Marker
Oct 1971 CM  30-32 RC Scene Ito & Palmeter Unimat & Series
    46,47 Suspension Tom Malone Sliding Pillar
Nov 1971 CM  54,55 My Last RC Scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David Palmeter Series &ROAR
Dec 1971 CM  21-25 Jerobee Mods Sal Lucania Look at1/12
    52 RC Scene Ken Ito ROAR& Series
Jan 1972 CM  44,56 RC Scene Ken Ito Cheap RC
    45-47 Dynamic Car Ken Ito Build HowTo
Feb 1972 CM  23-25 Veco, Enya Mods Sal Lucania Detailed Rebuild
Mar 1972 CM  44 RC Scene Ken Ito Beginner’s Q&A
Apr 1972 CM  12,52 RC Scene Ken Ito Carb Tuning
May 1972 CM  10-14 Jerobee Accessories Bob Rule 1/12 Gas Upgrade
    44-56 His Last RC Scene Ken Ito Cost Control
    53 RC Body Painting Tom Malone How To
Jun 1972 CM  10-12 Jerobee/Cox Buggy Bob Rule Kit Bash
    43 RC Tips Tom Malone Antenna Mounting
Jul 1972 CM  49 RC Tips Tom Malone RC Starter
Jul 1972 MCS  4,5,8,9 Calif RC Racing Gene Husting Also Roy Moody Car
Aug 1972 CM  19-22 Jerobee/ Associated Bob Rule 1:12Radio 1:8 Car
Sep 1972 CM  39-42 Heath Thumb Tach John Frankosky How To Build
    43-45 RC Bugatti George Siposs 1:8 Kit Conversion
CM Oct 1972 CM  45-49 1972 Nats George Siposs California
CM Feb 1973 CM  17-20 Hallum Car Gene Husting 1972 Nat Champ