1965 – This is the German HEGI Porsche 904 GTS with electric drive and wooden chassis on a scale of 1:8.

From https://brcnews.net/?p=14670

Hegi Porsche 904 GTS from 1965. It was the first mass-produced RC car (as claimed in the above link). The chassis is made of wood. The tires are solid rubber. The electronic components are packed in Steropor (a brand of expandable polystyrene). The Porsche had a swing axle (middle pivot?) at the front. At the rear there is a rigid axle with two electric motors and belt drive.

The vehicle is 580 millimeters long and 220 millimeters wide. the wheelbase is 330 millimeters. It weighs 3200 grams. (Said to be 1:8 scale)