Midwest Series
The First Ever Regional RC Championship 

After a successful circuit of test races for the new hobby of radio-controlled (RC) model cars was contested throughout the Midwest USA in 1969, the Midwest Series was organized in 1970 as the first area championship for RC cars anywhere. The Midwest Series continues more than 50 years after its founding.

The first race of the Midwest Series was held June, 1970 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the home town of Series organizer, David Palmeter, . The three top finishers were:
1 – Dave Bloom – Cicero, Illinois  – Second from left
2 – Roy Moody –  Flossmoor, Illinois – Second from right
3 – Clarence DeRocher – Crete, Illinois – Right
4 – George Zukovs – The Concours winner – Left

Below – Dave Bloom’s homebuilt 1:8 scale, fuel powered, on-road winning car. He  was an ex-slot racer and painted bodies professionally. Spectacular!

Below – Other cars at the event, a homebuilt on the left and a very early Heathkit car:

Below – A great turnout for the first official Midwest Series race in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Below – The final points standings for the first year of the Midwest Series:

Timing and scoring for the early 1970 races was by volunteers using pencil, paper and stopwatches. Below – By 1971, the Series had advanced to experienced Sports Car Club of America timing and scoring volunteers using pencil, paper and stopwatches!